This former emo queen is making snarky home goods

The mid to late 2000s were magical years, especially for those of us who were in the prime of our emo phase.

Spending our days obsessing over AP magazine, the Warped tour lineup and Buzznet’s fashion babes was the standard. And we looked to MySpace emo scene queens when crafting our own colorful hairstyles and outfit choices.

They were the original crop of internet-famous babes to obsess over, and when I think back on that time, the ladies that instantly pop into my mind are Audrey Kitching, Hanna Beth and of course, Jac Vanek.

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But since 2007, these women have moved on from the emo phase and dispersed into different areas of fashion.

Audrey went towards a Crystal bohemian goddess style, while Hanna Beth made the natural progression to rocker chic, and Jac Vanek’s style went full tilt towards Venice ethereal blonde.

Jac’s new style first caught people’s attention when her rubber bracelets that said things like “trainwreck” and “infinite” started appearing on all the wrists of the most popular punk pop singers. And before you know it, fangirls had jumped on the trend quicker than you can yell “MOSH!”

And just like that, Jac Vanek the brand was born.

And since then her brand has grown into a sassy clothing and accessories empire — and now she even has her own line of home goods.

Cuz just face it, why would you buy just any old mug when you could get one with something snarky written on it so the world could know just how few fucks you had to give?

Here are some of the best items you are going to want to get your hands on.

1. The WTF, I woke up for this? mug

Pretty much yes. Tag a friend who needs this tumbler and get yours on JACVANEK.COM! 💕✌🏻️🔥💋

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When life comes at you fast and you’re too tired to comprehend where you are or what you’re doing, this handy mug will hold any liquid you need to keep you alive. And it’ll let everybody else know to approach you with caution.

35 WTF’s Per Hour Travel Mug, $19

2. The control alt delete me out of this social situation mug

The mug for all the babies who’d rather be scrolling through Tumblr or posting candids on Instagram in their bed than dealing with humans face to face.

Copy + Paste Coffee Mug, $10

3. The sorry I can’t go to Napa this weekend, I have $1.12 in my bank account candle

Holla if you’ve accumulated student loans up the wazoo and live on dollar menu items from Mickey D’s and 100 calorie snack packs. Oh just me? Well, if you’ve ever opted for staycation over a vacation because of your nagging bank account, then this candle is for you bb!

 Too Broke Scented Candle, $24

4. The don’t even worry about my drinking habits, I’m fine candle 

Dear ladies, if you’ve been tempted to use the Insta caption “may all your pain be champagne,” this is for you. This candle probably smells like all your casual therapy brunches you’ve had with your friends. Champagne and venting equals a simpatico relationship. Just ask Champagne Papi.

Champagne Scented Candle, $24

And for more check out Jac Vanek’s website.

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