Forever 21 is Ripping Off Pablo Merch

You know you’ve made it fashion-wise when other brands start to copy your shit. And that’s all Kanye West really ever wanted, right? To make it big in fashion? Well, bro looks like you have made it because Forever 21 is now selling lookalike “Pablo” tees.

The actual TLOP merch, which is embroidered with PABLO or other “The Life of Pablo” lyrics in all capital gothic lettering, is definitely the streetwear holy grail, sold out everywhere. And now, clearly to capitalize on Kanye’s success with the tees, Forever 21 is selling an undeniably similar graphic tee.

Kanye West released the merch originally at his Yeezy Season 3 premiere at Madison Square Garden this past February. Concession stands sold the “The Life of Pablo” tees, bombers, and hats. Yeezy fans went mad over the shirts, which isn’t shocking considering every Kardashian/Jenner at some point has been spotted sporting the clothing. And don’t we all just love to copy the Kardashians.

A month after the MSG show, Kanye announced the launch of a three-day pop-up in New York. People started lining up and soon the lines to get into the store were stretched for blocks, and soon there were so many people that the police had to shut down the block. Another took place in LA later. 

Peep the copycat below:

The Forever 21 version of the tee is blank on the front, but features in the exact same gothic lettering on the back, “Simon De Cyrene For the World” which is referring, confusingly, to a Los Angeles-based brand called sdc by Simon De Cyrene. 

When do you think we can expect an epic Kanye Twitter rant on this?

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