Floriana Lima Stars On ABC’s Scandalous New Show “The Family”

Floriana Lima stars in ABC series, The Family that shows drama at its finest and most scandalous—family politics. The show takes place in the fictional “Red Pines”, and explores a family recovering from the disappearance of their youngest son. Claire Warren (played by Joan Allen) uses the incident to promote her political platform, while campaigning for governor. And Floriana plays an investigative journalist, which is fitting, since the actress also studied journalism in school. Before you check out the show (which is getting great reviews already), get to know Floriana: which MTV show she most identifies with, whether she’s Jackie or Marilyn, and a couple great makeup tricks.

Did studying journalism in college help you prepare for the role?

It is really funny how that all worked out, that in some roundabout way I got to be a journalist. I’m sure that it helped me but I mostly prepared by trying to figure out who Bridey is as a person. How she takes her coffee? What does her apartment look like? What’s her deepest secret?

What’s a great makeup trick you learned on set?

I love a good contour and highlight.  You can really chisel the face and give it a defined look.  I think it is better when it’s subtle and not too severe with too much product. Less is more, especially on HD television.  There are so many tutorials online you can find that will show you where to put the makeup.  It takes some trial and error, but it can really be pretty.  Another trick that’s important for me, because I have dark circles under my eyes is color correction.  Most good artists understand the color wheel and know how to offset certain not-so-pretty discolorations. I use an orange or salmon colored corrector to get rid of the blue tone of the dark circles, then apply a concealer on top of it and if there’s a pink or red blemish, use a green color corrector under your concealer, that’ll help take away that reddish pigment.

If you were an old MTV show, which would you be?

Do you remember The Grind?!  That was…the best. I used to watch that show all the time.  I’d want to be one of the dancers on The Grind, for sure, with, like, the best moves.

What’s the weirdest thing in your fridge?

I have a ridiculous amount of kale in my fridge right now.  I recently went to the farmers’ market and got a little carried away, so now I have to find something to make with all of it.  I’ll definitely make some kale chips because they are easy and so good.

Are you more of a Jackie or a Marilyn?

Nice question!  I’d say at certain times, I’m Marilyn, but I would have to say I’m more of a Jackie at heart.

If you had to wear one outfit for the entire year of 2016, what would it be?

Ok, that’s hard. One outfit?!  Let’s see…I’d say a pair of cropped jeans and a really worn tee shirt would be my best bet.  I’d throw on heels and a red lip for nighttime, and wear sneakers during the day.

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