Your Fav Lunchbox Designer Lisa Frank Is Back and Making Memes

Lisa Frank is making a comeback, and it’s in the form of Facebook memes. The Lisa Frank Facebook page has now amassed 736,000 likes, and gives their fans everything they love about the brand, optimized for your Internet needs. 

Frank, whose bold and bright depictions of adorable animals created a Tumblr-eque aesthetic years before Tumblr ever existed, seems to have finally picked up on the brand’s potential for virality, and is making it work in a style that only Lisa Frank could. With messages like, “Why walk when you can dance?” the ‘memes’ actually feel more like e-cards I’d send to the kids I babysit, but nevertheless, Lisa Frank can do no wrong. Check them out:




Frank, who founded the company in 1979 at the age of 24, and quickly became popular among young girls for her bright and bold depictions of adorable animals, has been mostly off the radar since her factory closed down in 2013.

So it’s nice to see Lisa (or at least her images) back in the public eye. In a rare interview with Urban Outfitters, she said, “If I could do anything, I think a theme park. Because the world of Lisa Frank really is a world. And I think before I die, we should have that world someplace, not just on paper. I think that would be pretty awesome.”

So do we, Lisa.

Added bonus? Watch this crazy ass commercial from 1996, starring a young Mila Kunis screaming enthusiastically about all the Lisa Frank products that she’s gotta have.

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