How Celebs Are Reacting to the Senate Blocking Gun Control Bills

What a shocker. Senate members have blocked four bills that would have made it harder for those on the FBI’s watchlist to get a gun and require background checks nationally for anyone looking to buy a gun. This time, even the celebs are pissed.

After last week’s events in Orlando, several Democratic Senators introduced bills that would have made it much more difficult for some to get a gun. Even gun control bills that were introduced after the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012 failed to get through Congress, making it seem like nothing will ever been done about our inadequate gun laws.

Many of the Senators who voted against the measures take money and campaign donations from the National Rifle Association, making them almost obligated to block any bills that would harm the NRA. Apparently money talks more than the over 12,000 lives lost each year to preventable gun violence.

Several celebrities took to Twitter yesterday to tweet their feelings on the failure of Congress to get the ball rolling on tighter gun control.

And even Kim K voiced her disapproval of the Senate’s actions.


Ugh, looks like this bullsh*t will never end.

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