Fashun Tweek Just Took Over Miami Art Basel

Over the past weekend, FASHUN TWEEK showcased at Satellite Art Show during Art Basel Miami Beach.

In collaboration with StyledbyPhil, the producer of NYC’s FASHUN TWEEK! — NYC’s unofficial platform for today’s freshest designers — took over the lobby of the Parisian Hotel in South Beach for a night where fashion, art and performance seamlessly collided during Art Basel.

Carrie Morrissey is the Designer and Founder of ISLYNYC, and she shared her experience with Galore.

Walking into the Parisian Hotel on the Wednesday night before the start of Satellite Art Show was exhilarating.

Left behind were the sweaters and furrowed brows of NYC. People were aflutter with excitement for what was to come, and anticipation replaced anxiety as the planning that had been done was about to be set in motion — in Miami — where the heat and spice of the city was already permeating our cold bones.

Artists ran between the three floors, carrying their creations and drooling over others work. As the weekend unfolded some of the most inspiring and enlightened visitors walked through the doors of Satellite — refreshed by the raw, real energy and creative output filling the rooms.

Satellite was a hub for the anti-machine artists, not only were there many Artists from Brooklyn — read Bushwick — there were artists from around the world who were all pushing back against the white monied corporate art scene, proving that art is for the masses by the masses and beautiful and gritty and driven.

#ISLYNYC presents ICONS x #PostureMag x #FashunTweek @ #SatelliteArtShow2016

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The energy created was palpable and people were visibly moved by the art encompassing the space.

Each room was a testament to celebration, sadness, drive and the need for diversity in life, for the desire to visually express the world around us, to use our hands to forge materials, technology to manipulate and each other to collaborate to make things greater than oneself.

Featured brands included MaryMe-JimmyPaul, I Still Love You NYC, Whatever 21, Músed, Snowy Wilderness, SAGA NYC, and Claire Fleury.

Brian Whatever and Lauren Flax DJed, with performances by Abdu Ali and Mister Wallace.

Last but not least, follow FASHUN TWEEK’s models: @cheekymaa, @narrokh, @sugarfreeslut, @1800feelion, @abbey_parrish, @glitbaby, @ovodangerousrose, @mattardell, and @babys8n.

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