These fashion trends are gonna blow up in 2018

As the New Year quickly approaches us, it gives us the opportunity to revamp our wardrobe, and perhaps remodel our aesthetic.

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TBH, not much is going to change in 2018. The millennial nostalgia of the late 90’s and early 2000’s will continue to live on and will grow even further through the year.

Here at Galore, we bring you our predictions of what everyone’s going to rock in 2018, from the runways to the streets

1. Cargo pants

GIA | @andreavalle in the ace pants | online now | #IAMGIA

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These have been a favorite of every Instagram influencers in the past couple months. Why would we blame them? They’re the perfect way to look badass, in the comfiest way possible. (Without looking like a middle school boy.)

2. Low-rise pants


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Back in the day, doctors warned us about the potential health problems caused by wearing hip-hugging jeans. Scares about nerve damage didn’t stop us— until the high waist craze came along. Thanks to the Tumblr girl obsession, (a predecessor of the “Insta-girl”) you weren’t cool unless your pants barely covered your belly button. But now, the game as changed, and we’re back to square one.

3. Berets

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Beanies are out, and berets are in. But they’re not that practical, especially if you live somewhere like NYC, where bitter cold winds threaten to freeze your ears off. And if you pull it down, you’re wearing it wrong. At least they’re cute, right?

4. Pinstripes


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You might want to snag your dad’s (or your boyfriend’s) business suit. Pinstripe pants and jackets are all the rage for 2018.

6. Platform sneakers

Under cyber coNtrol 📱🎛💻 #Demonia

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These are perfect for when you need a dramatic shoe but you’re tired of wearing heels.

6. Checker print (anything and everything)

Spoilt by @ozcult

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Don’t take my word for it, but if every year had an official print, checker print will take the crown for 2018.

7. The Adidas tracksuit

♡ waiting for dinner

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Workout gear, but make it fashion.

8. Going out tops


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If you idolized everyone from JLo to Lizzie McGuire growing up, this is the look for you. Back in the day, girls would rock the “going out top” adorned with sparkles, sequins, or even feathers, with a pair of low-rise jeans, of course.

9. Camo

GIA | @joansmalls in the daytona pants | online now | #IAMGIA

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No, you won’t look like a G.I Joe doll. Clearly, all of your favorite models are already rocking the trend. It’s in direct competition with checker-print for the pattern of 2018.

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