This type of dress is now unwearable according to recent data

Silhouettes come and go, but dresses are forever.

No matter the season, dresses seem to stay relevant year-round, not least because of their convenience (one article of clothing = an entire outfit? yeah, that’s very agreeable and also reasonable, please do sign me up).

That said, an Instagram poll suggests that there’s a particular style of dress that is now irrelevant, wait I’m sorry I misspoke, unacceptable, to wear. This is science speaking, not me, I just write the words.

/Nyden, H&M’s new sister brand, enlisted influencers spanning from New York and Los Angeles to ask their collective hundreds of thousands of followers to vote on what the idea dress was, via Instagram story poll. Some of the folks who participated include Alyssa In The City, East Coast Fox, Savvy Javvy and Blonde Collective.

And it turns out that as is the case with most hot-button issues, people had some strong opinions.

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The study actually revealed a lot of feelings people have about dresses.

The shift dress took perhaps the worst hit. When asked whether an ideal dress should have a defined or a structured waist, an average of 76.9% of voters in both NY and LA voted for a defined waist. Well we hear you, loud and clear.

The study also revealed that heels are becoming increasingly less desirable in exchange for sneakers: 60.8% of NY voters and 69% of LA voters pair their dresses with sneakers, rather than heels. What else did we learn?

Even with the humidity, NYers want longer dresses than their West Coast counterparts: 54.6% of NY voters responded that they prefer Maxi dresses over minis. 66% of LA voters want to show more leg, voting for mini dresses. This is perhaps unsurprising, and braving a New York Fall in a minidress can be risky business.

The perfect dress, as told by NY

The plunging neckline also reigns supreme. Of total voters across the board, 70.3% of LA voters, and 75.2% of NY voters opted for plunging neckline over a strapless top.

Overall, the idea of comfort was prioritized across the board: Voters opted for a casual, daytime look with a fluid materials when evaluated against the opposite options of fancy, nighttime garments, which often include more structured materials. We like where this is going.

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The perfect dress, as told by LA.

But on the real, IG actually provides a surprisingly ideal platform for crowdsourcing: like, the amount of people who actually use the platform makes a real impact: the campaign had a total of 35K votes and 425K views.

This unconventional yet contemporary method of data collection is extremely fitting for /Nyden and perhaps reflective of the brand itself. /Nyden is an on-traditional brand that forgoes the notion of things like seasons and collections and releases what they deem “a stream of relevant designs”. And with co-creators like Dua Lipa and Justine Skye, we’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on them going forward.


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