Just in case no one’s told you, face painting is the new wave

I feel like we’ve been sleeping on the art of face paint.

I mean, as makeup gets increasingly graphic, creative, and artistic, does it not tread the line between makeup and literally painting on one’s face?

At a certain point, graphic makeup just becomes educated, intentional face paint: and the result is absolutely beautiful.

Further, I love the fact that the face paint you’d traditionally wait in line for at Disney World has infiltrated the realm of normalcy and social acceptability— at least on Instagram.

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This Instagrammer, for instance, has gained immense popularity for her magical face-painting creations:

〰 a funky lil Look inspired by the art of @a.creature ! scrolled thru their insta pg & just put together a whooole bunch of lil details frum a bunch of their work ! ☁🎨☁ they’ve been 1 of my fave artists since like freshman yr of hs so this Look has been a looong-time comin ! 🎨😈 also say hi 2 my floofy brows 👋🐶❤ .。*゚+.*.。゚+..。*゚+ lashes are @rouge.and.rogue in Cosmic Kitten • mixed @wetnwildbeauty Liquid Catsuit in The Shade is Teal & @elfcosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick in Electric Fushcia for the purple shade • @strobecosmetics Creepy Cute Palette on my face for pink & green • @moiracosmetics Matte Liquid Lip in Royal on my lips & for red linework • @nyxcosmetics Epic Ink Liner for lettering • @getfrecked for faux freckles

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Incredible, no?

I mean doing neutral makeup well is hard enough, but this is straight up artistic ability and skill. The rainbow look is my personal favorite (in part because she emulated my favorite care bear).

And the creativity doesn’t stop here. Creations like these are more common that you’d initially think:

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This makeup Instagrammer is also known for her epic face-painting. In one of her more recent looks, she works with polka dots and bright colors and to transform her face into a literal canvas.

Like, I’m sure this would look amazing on canvas, but it looks ten times cooler on her face. PS, don’t sleep on that hair-makeup-eyebrow coordination.

Another superstar in the art of stylish face-painting is Instagrammer @rumdmur, who’s compiled some of her best creations above. All of these looks start to make you realize that one’s limitations are just as boundless when dealing with the art of makeup as they are when dealing with painting itself. That fact is daunting, but also super liberating.

The flame eyes are a personal favorite of mine. (It also just dawned on me that maybe there should be a flame-eye emoji. Someone write that down).

This pride month look by Samantha Snook is also a personal favorite. Like right, if you could draw hearts on your cheeks why would you opt not to? It just kind of seems like a wasted opportunity. These colors also work so beautifully together.

@Gothfruits on Instagram is also a must-follow if you’re into the art of face-painting. This look is my favorite of hers because of the shapes and the color coordination with her hair. And it trips me up because her makeup is still flawless. Like, you have to be good at makeup and good at art itself to master this look.

Another pride month classic. I want to take this photo and hang it up in the Whitney.

Even if you don’t consider yourself adventurous when it comes to makeup, face painting is something that seems like it’d be objectively fun to try, even if it’s from the comfort of your own home.

I hope we get to the point where face painting is so normalized that it’s regarded as another form of makeup. I want to be walking down the street or on the subway and see someone with a beautiful face full o’ paint (and that person could be you)!

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