This beauty line will help your natural hair grow, regardless of hair type

Have you ever tried absolutely everything to grow your natural hair, but it just didn’t work? Maybe were stuck at shoulder length or just never fully reaching your potential? 

Well, stylist “Hairstyles by Mary,” not only educates her clients on how to grow their hair, but she also owns a haircare line that is pure magic. It all started when she helped a friend grow her hair back after she became sick.

Check out our interview with the stylist below to learn all about how she did it!

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What’s your background and how would you describe what you do? 
My name is Mary McClane. I’m a 24 year old beauty professional from Detroit. Above all the many things I’m involved in, I aspire to be that voice, resource, support, and advisor for the young black business owners who face some of the same hardships starting out that I’ve already experienced.

Tell us about your Hair Magic line. How did it start, what will your products do, and what’s featured in the line? 

Hair Magic actually started when I was only 16 and still in high school. I was making it with natural products for a friend who abruptly lost her hair due to an illness. After it worked for her, I just began to give it away to all my clients and friends.

When I graduated high school, my friend Asia suggested that I start selling it. At the time, I only had the Hair Magic Grease, Hair Magic Oil, and Hair Magic Leave Conditioner. I participated in an event and actually had over 300 people in line waiting to purchase my products. Unfortunately, I only had 50 products of each so I had to turn so many people away.

One person stepped out of line to say, “That Magic Hair Grease saved my hair.” She showed us her breast cancer scars and said how Hair Magic helped her hair grow back after undergoing Chemotherapy. I guess you can say that’s how the company was birthed.

What are some major issues with growing natural hair that majority of your clients have? What are 3 things they can do to get their hair to grow? 

Not just my clients, but a majority of women of color, have the trouble of retaining length. Naturally our curls, coils, and waves lack moisture, and it’s no secret that we are not too fond of scissors and “getting our ends trimmed.”

However, that’s the secret! Honestly, everyone’s hair will grow at least a half an inch a month. But, if your hair isn’t strong enough to retain the length, just as much that is coming in will be breaking off. So, ladies – just moisturize often, drinks lots of water, and commit to a trim at least every 6-9 weeks.

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You also mentor young female entrepreneurs and provide the blueprints for becoming a successful business owner. Why did you decide to do so and what is one of the biggest obstacles you’ve noticed many new entrepreneurs have? 

Growing up in my neighborhood, I didn’t have the resources to be equipped in this business world. I want to use my platform to be that resource for those that need it. The biggest obstacle new entrepreneurs have is one we kind of create for ourselves.

Most of the time we become too caught up with comparing the success of others to determine your level of success. Be patient, work hard, and trust your process.

Tell us about a time where you struggled professionally. How did you overcome it? 

When I had my first online sale, my website was automated to “accept orders after sold out.” I never knew that option existed, nor did I ever think I’d sell all 1,500 jars that I had, along with an additional 11,000 more orders. It was crazy. Everything sold out and over sold in 8 minutes.

The site was so busy that it shut down. Soon after, PayPal held all of my funds in reserves. It took me 4 months to send out all those orders, and even after 4 months, I still had to refund over 1,000 orders, simply because the costs were killing me. That entire situation almost ruined my career, but I just kept pushing.

As the weather heats up, what are your favorite protective styles to rock when it’s too hot for your natural hair? 

It’s actually the perfect time to wear your natural locs during this summer season. As I mentioned above, women of color naturally lack the needed vitamins and minerals to maintain moisturized hair. Our hair needs that sunlight and moisture, and the sun helps provide you with the nutrients your body needs to sustain a complete hair growth cycle.

Hair loss is a Vitamin D deficiency. You can gain that back with help from the sun. You should actually wear protective styles during the colder months of the year. Cold weather causes brittleness and shedding, which both lead to breakage and damage. So, it’s best to protect your hair best you can during the winter season.

What can your supporters expect from you in the near future? 

The Hair Magic store has opened, and I’m currently just focused on expansion all 2018. I’ll certainly continue to be proactive in the business community and work persistently to change the stereotypical young black persons into a business image.

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