EZI parties with her demons in “Afraid of the Dark” video

Chances are you know when your demons come to visit — and that may sometimes include while you are dreaming. It may also include when your ex-boyfriend comes over — everyone’s got ‘em.

But just like you’re scared of falling back into dark places and facing your gremlins, our girl EZI can relate in her new music video for “Afraid of the Dark.”

The dreamy video first looks like a gorgeous bedroom but then takes a dark turn with literal aliens coming to visit EZI whilst she sleeps. Instead of running when she confronts these hooligans, EZI instead parties with them — proving that she’s actually totally NOT afraid of the dark.

“The concept for the video is essentially making peace with the “monsters (or in this case aliens) under your bed”. I liked the idea of aliens because I often feel like an outsider or an “alien”, so to me, the video is about making peace with the parts of myself that make me feel like I’m on the outside,” she says.

EZI has released a few singles already this year, and has her debut EP set for release on January 12th.

“I’m so ready for the whole project to be out in the world,” she says. “I’ve had the time of my life creating this EP. I got to collaborate with some amazing people on it, some of whom have since become some of my closest friends. This is something I’ve wanted to do since I started writing songs when I was 11 — there really isn’t anything in the world I love doing more.”

The EP is said to be laced with a bunch of cool inklings and inspirations from “Alice and Wonderland” — so we’ll just have to watch the video a couple thousand times to make sure we didn’t miss any until that EP drops. Peep it here.


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