EZI Makes a Bold Return With “She’s Back”

In the ever-evolving landscape of independent music, EZI is emerging as a force to be reckoned with. The Long Island native, known for her moody sounds and introspective lyrics, takes a fearless leap into a new era with her latest single, “She’s Back.”


This song serves as the opening offering of her upcoming debut album, ‘Into Your Power, Into The Light’, and promises a journey toward self-discovery and empowerment. From the beginning, the song captivates the listener with delicate and deep instrumentalization, which matches perfectly with EZI’s velvety voice.

For a moment, you will almost certainly be able to do nothing but listen with anticipation to the melody and the artist’s powerful and seductive interpretation. It is a captivating sound that touches the emotions and evokes feelings such as nostalgia and pain, but also struggle and the feeling of having won, after all.


Her story is unlikely and very inspiring. After catching the attention of shoe design mogul Steve Madden, EZI, better known in the acting world as Esther Zyskind, found herself navigating the music industry with a unique combination of vulnerability and tenacity. At one point she felt lost, unsupported, unequipped, used, and vulnerable. But now, with her debut album on the horizon, she’s ready to captivate audiences once again.

“She’s Back” is more than just a song; it is a manifesto of resilience and reinvention. Inspired by the iconic film Kill Bill and its fearless protagonist, EZI crafted a narrative about regaining power after a period of inactivity. Through a sensual voice, she embodies the spirit of strength and determination, weaving her own experiences into the structure of the song. 

It tells the story of coming back from a period of dormancy with a newfound vengeance. I was very inspired by the Kill Bill movie and soundtrack for this song both sonically and visually. I loved how fearless Uma Thurman’s character was in the film. I ended up writing the song from the perspective of an alter ego I created based on her which also combined and reflected my own experiences at the time.” – EZI

Pandemic-induced isolation served as a catalyst for EZI’s creative process, and “She’s Back” emerged as a beacon of hope amid the uncertainty. Written over Zoom during a time of transition in her career, the song reflects EZI’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It is a testament to her ability to channel vulnerability into art, turning adversity into triumph.

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Photo Credit: Megan Malone

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