Eva Gutowski is the multifaceted Producer/DJ/Youtuber and face behind her new Interior Design House – Frames house, in Palm Springs. With 10+ Million followers (& counting) Eva is busier than ever, her Youtube Channel gives you a glimpse of her busy life, moving from LA to NYC and DIY projects that will get you off your ass. We’re so excited to chat with Eva about her new music, her beauty routine (do you see her skin?!), DJ’ing, and what’s next for the busiest girl in New York City. Connect with Eva HERE.

Top: Frankie’s x Alo, Necklace: Jean Paul Gaultier (circa 1998)
Photography: Olav Stubberud

Featured Interview:

When did you fall in love with music and what was the first song you heard that gave you that feeling?

To me, music started with dance. I started training and competing when I was 3, and was taking like 8 different dance classes a week (ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary ect.) Because of that, I was constantly exposed to all types of music. Whatever my teachers put on, I had to learn how to move to. Most of the time it would be the most random indie artist or even lyric-less beats. The funny thing is, these popular ‘indie’ songs in the dance community would always blow up years later, and still to this day are popular on TikTok! At first, I hated it and was like, why can’t we dance to something popular? But the more you fall in love with dancing, the more you crave music no one’s ever heard or appreciated.  When you’re a contemporary dancer, you’re ALWAYS on the hunt for music. You have a desire to tell stories through sound and you’re hunting for music that makes you feel something, so you can express it to the world in your own way. That’s literally DJing. I think more dancers would be amazing DJs and producers because we know how to count time and stay on the beat like no one else, we discover popular songs years before they go viral, and we also have an insane emotional connection to music that’s literally inter-webbed with our soul. I owe so much to so many songs/artists, but I think the entire XX (XX) album will always be extremely special to me. 

How has “My Life with Eva” evolved over the years?

MyLifeAsEva is truly a diary of my 20’s. I love it. People that have watched me for a long time know I didn’t come from money or any privilege, so to have documented online me going from a college freshman just trying to figure herself out and survive, to now almost 30, living in my dream apartment in NYC, and so so happy? It’s insane! My first car, first apartment, first love, first big dream, first failure, first leap of faith… it’s all online. The good, bad, and ugly. And I’m *still* figuring everything out, but now a lot of my viewers are in their 20’s too, so we’re doing it together. In my dms, we share nail ladies and talk about travel and life and it’s awesome. I want it to be like this forever, when we’re all older and sharing tips on whatever we care about in the future. 

Top: Frankie’s x Alo, Necklace: Jean Paul Gaultier (circa 1998)

What does the word rebel mean to you?

To me being a rebel means pushing the boundaries despite what other people think or say because your heart tells you to. In a world where it’s so easy to dim your light out of fear of other people’s opinions, the rebels are the game changers, trend starters, and true influencers that make space for others and push everyone forward.

As the Creative Director for this cover photoshoot, you revamped and reenvisioned scenes from your viral music video  “Literally My Life”, which has over 50 Million views to date. Can you tell us more about your artistic vision and what significance this has in your career today? 

People say “Literally My Life” is a manifestation-conjuring song lol! Everything I joked about in that song came true! I even have the G Wagon… which is actually insane. Since the song continues to go viral on Tiktok almost monthly (which is also insane), I wanted to play around with “What is “Literally My Life”, but in 2023?”. I live in NYC, I have my dream car, I still make content I love, I’m an entrepreneur, and my local coffee shop unfortunately still messes up my name. 

Dress: Jean Paul Gaultier (Spring 04′), Earrings & Chocker: Capri Boutique

What has changed since you released this song 8 years ago?

Everything. I used to joke about ‘beaches every single night’, and then I ended up living in Hawaii and forming deep, lifelong family connections there. When we rented the G wagon for the music video, I was so scared to step in it and thought “I better savor this moment with this car because this will never happen again”. I can look back on that music video and see a version of myself that was dreaming so big, she had no idea where she’d land. I landed everything I wanted and more, and I’m so grateful. 

How did your friendship with Skrillex come about? What have you learned from him?

The first time Sonny and I met in person, we both ordered chamomile teas, and 5 minutes into our conversation we were bonding over, super deep shit. 3 hours later we shut down the restaurant and probably had 4 tea kettles each around us talking about aliens and niche electro artists from the 2000s. Sonny listened to my first tracks (which I was so nervous to show him) and I listened to his. He keeps things simple and makes the elements he picks matter, which was something I didn’t know how to do. It takes a lot of skill to do that. I thought you needed 40 elements to make a good song, but Sonny could have 6 and it would be genius. He’ll also play me an idea that’s SUCH an idea. It made me realize you don’t need to have a fully polished-up, perfect song before you show it to someone. It easy to feel like you’re not “good enough” or “talented enough” if you’re a smaller producer. But Sonny made me realize no matter how successful you are, all songs start from humble, crazy little ideas (that will probably change 100 times before it’s done) and nothing has to be ‘perfect’ to show it off.

What is your favorite beauty product at the moment?

Girl. GIRL. I have tried every new hot brow pomade and I just went back to the Anastasia dip brow gel. I can’t believe I ever cheated on her. She is that girl. Also, Clarin’s lip tints are a hidden gem and my go-to lip to layer with. 

Top: Vintage Dior, Skirt: Jaded London , Necklace: Bold by Nature, Boots: Givenchy

What is your beauty philosophy?

I realized years ago that tons of things make me feel beautiful that have nothing to do with looking a certain way or keeping up with beauty standards. Things like being in a bikini in the sun, or having a cup of tea before bed. I can do these things and even if my hair isn’t done, my legs aren’t shaved, I’m breaking out, or whatever- I’ll still feel beautiful and loved. My point is, everyone has a different threshold of what they need to do to feel their best. Don’t get caught up trying to adhere to a 20-step beauty routine you saw on TikTok just because you think that’s what you “should” be doing. We see 10 new beauty trends pop up every day and it’s literally impossible to keep up with them. Just do what makes *you* feel beautiful. At the end of the day, no cream or new beauty trend is going to make you feel any better than the feeling of having a good mental space for what really matters.

What is one beauty secret your mom has shared with you that you swear by?

As a curly-haired girl, a core memory of mine is sitting on my living room floor binge-watching Law and Order while my mom took turns spending HOURS detangling my sister’s and my hair. She emphasized the importance of maintaining my natural hair health, and also taught me how to sew and take down my own weaves and be resourceful and creative with my hair!

What is your beauty ritual?

Weird pivot but I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and it made me reexamine a ton of things about my habits. Keeping up with skincare, body and hair care, makeup etc was always SO exhausting. I always felt like “Who has time for all that, I could be doing 80 other things??” And it was hard for me to stay in the bathroom for 10 minutes a day just applying creams and shit to myself.  But I realized recently that I deserve to slow down and spend way more time on myself. I started adding post-it notes with positive reminders on my bathroom mirror to keep me motivated, and it has helped me add SO much to value that time and make it a solid habit. 

Top: Frankie’s x Alo, Necklace: Jean Paul Gaultier (circa 1998)

What product can’t you live without?

BLUSH. Elf has this amazing quad blush palette and I use that thing daily. It’s a must-have. 

You have DJ’d many festivals and events, including an event for TODs in the Hamptons this summer; what event or festival would you love to spin in the future?

It’s been a huge joke for years that I “won’t have kids until I play Coachella”. A crazy dream, but I think I said it just to kick myself into action. But now that I’m actively touring around and playing, my biggest dream is to play techno and electro at underground raves with friends. The underground/electro/screamo scene is what I grew up with and feel very connected to. To party with like-minded people who love darker music is something I hope I get to do very soon.

Tell us about your new single “Day N Nite”

“Day N Nite” was a project I started purely to teach my friend Ableton (the production software I use). I quickly pulled a few samples and began showing him how I would typically start a new song idea! I kept messing with the project after he went home, and suddenly it was 3 am and I was obsessed with the song. It was super inspiring to remember that sometimes your best work is hiding behind just *starting*. Sitting down at the computer or wherever your passion might be is NOT easy to do every day. But, I promise, just sit down with it. You never know what’s going to flow out of you creatively.

Top: Vintage Dior, Skirt: Jaded London , Necklace: Bold by Nature, Boots: Givenchy

Any plans to collaborate with other artists?

I have a home studio in NY, so I’m always inviting other artist friends over to make something! It’s bound to happen soon.

What is a day with Eva like?

After being diagnosed with ADHD, I’ve been time-blocking my days on my calendar so I can have more structure! I get reminders on my phone like “Music Block! 5-7 PM”, “Lunch Block! 2-3 PM”. It helps SO MUCH. Even If I don’t do everything at the exact time, it reminds me to keep habits id otherwise get scrambled and forget about. I usually start my morning by making coffee and walking my dog to get a croissant, then working on music, social media, and business projects until like 8 pm, then winding down with a cold plunge, making dinner, and making more music or watching a documentary. If I’m lucky I’ll go for happy-hour margaritas!

Jacket: Custom Who Decides War, Scarf: Vintage Courreges, Earrings: French Vintage

What 5 songs are on your morning playlist?

Hunnybee – Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Better Off Alone – Alice DJ, Jealous – Eyedress, All I Want (Manila Killa Remix) – Dawn Golden, Manila Killa, Ode to a Conversation Stuck in Your Throat – Del Water Gap

What makes you the happiest and how are you protecting your mental health?

I need to keep life spontaneous.  In my opinion, life is supposed to be exciting and filled with as many memories as you can give yourself. I’m constantly fighting for the 24-hour road trips, the happy hours, the random jazz clubs, etc. Don’t get me wrong I NEED 8 hours of sleep and know when to go home. But there’s so much life to experience! I need to switch it up often to be happy. 

What is next for you on this journey?

I want to keep following my heart and hopefully continue to inspire my community to find the beauty and comedy in life and dream big. Trust me, no crazy idea is too crazy. If I can go from where I was at my lowest, to 15 years later being this happy and so excited about tomorrow, I think anything is possible.

Top: Frankie’s x Alo, Necklace: Jean Paul Gaultier (circa 1998)

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Photography: Olav Stubberud

Creative Direction: Olav Stubberud , Eva Gutowski

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