The Erised Makes The Emo Music Your Life is Missing

“Erised” is desire spelled backwards, a word that the band tells me perfectly describes the feeling they want to communicate with their music. In terms of their sound, the five-piece Ukranian band uses elements of drum & bass, jazz, and rock to express that feeling, and now that their new album, Room 414, is out, The Erised can provide the perfect emo music your life is missing. Read our interview with the band below. 

How did you guys meet?

We actually met online in 2012, and then we met up in night club. The guys were playing a DJ set, so we had a couple of drinks, and we started to speak about music, about Ukraine, and we liked each other. Then the band was created in 2014.

Why are your songs in English, instead of in your native language?

The aim of our band is to be famous in the world, but if you sing in Ukrainian, then not everyone will understand what you’re saying [laughing].

What’s the best Ukranian food?

Borscht. It’s a soup.

I’ve eaten that. It’s delicious. Did you guys grow up listening to American music?

Yeah! We listen to a lot of rock music. Right now, we’re really excited for the Norma Jean album, which will be up in September. And we love the Deftones.

Do you want people to mosh at your shows?

Yeah, we want that [laughing]. We like to perform in small clubs, when the public is close to the stage. It’s a different thing on a big stage. But then again, we like performing anywhere.

Do drugs help people write better music?

I don’t think so [laughing]. I think it’s kind of false conditioning of your mind and of your thoughts. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think it’s just not the way you need to make music.

What’s the weirdest way you’ve written a song?

We have a tune called “A Way to Forget You,'” which sounds acoustic, with double-bass, and everyone thinks that someone is playing real piano, but it’s just us tapping notes on a computer keyboard [laughing]. They’re really convinced though.

Who’s a rapper you’d like to collaborate with?

Tyler The Creator is great.

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