Erin Jeen’s Fall Guide to Throwback Dressing

Erin Yogasundram, owner and operator of SHOPJEEN, knows a thing or two about style. So we asked her for her throwback and retro faves for fall 2016.

What trend are you most excited about this season?

People are doing a lot of cool things with fishnets, corsets and silver hardware. Very into all of those things right now & interested to see how it plays on the runway.

What trend would you like to never see again this season?

Shoes the models can’t walk in. If they can’t walk in them… I def can’t walk in them!

Which badass woman from history do you admire?

My biggest inspirations are Carmen Electra, Salma Hayek, Naomi Campbell and Pamela Anderson. They are all over the mood board. Everything from the way they dress, to their makeup, to their expression, to the way they carry themselves, to the men they date. Iconic.

Favorite pop culture fashion inspo?

Favorite fashion book is the Vivienne Westwood bio — a true punk icon. And I’m very inspired by my pre-teen punk phase. Everything comes full circle!

What’s the #1 vintage movie inspiration for this fall, fashion-wise?

My movie inspiration for the fall is “Pulp Fiction.” I just got bangs so I can look more like Uma. She’s so badass. I’m not a super colorful person and black is my favorite color. The styling in this movie is so simple and perfect. Truly iconic looks.

What’s a close second?

Natalie Portman in “Closer” is one of my favorites looks of all time. I am very inspired by stripper aesthetic. I wish I could pull off her pink bob wig. I never really thought of Natalie Portman as a sex symbol but the styling and setting in this movie does it for me.

What’s a dead trend that makes you say “OMG too soon” but you secretly can’t wait for it to come back?

Green camo is out and real tree is in. I’m here for this. I just bought a real tree shower curtain today. Not sure if it’s made an appearance on the runway, but I don’t really think of trends as being something subject to fashion week. The internet is my runway. I’m seeing lots of colored camo and I’m also here for this. Supreme dropped some fire colored camo pieces recently that I wish I hadn’t slept on.

Tell us your ideal fall 2016 outfit head to toe, and what you’re eating/drinking/doing while you’re in it, in your wildest dreams.

My ideal fall outfit is a black, ruffled off the shoulder crop top, fishnet stockings that sit on up my waist, these Discount Universe barbed wire slouchy jeans, these sunglasses by Gentle Monster, a red Givenchy Antigona bag and this Alexander Wang necklace. I’m in walking around Target on Santa Monica Blvd looking for inspiration. I’m drinking a bottle of water off that shelf that I haven’t paid for yet, thinking about how cool the target bullseye logo is.

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