Empire’s Sierra McClain Would Rather Splurge On In-N-Out Than Louboutins

Sierra McClain has a lot on her plate.

Currently, she’s starring in Fox’s hit prime time soap opera “Empire” playing Nessa, the new girl in town whose charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent bring all the boys to the yard.

When she’s not making the boys lose their damn minds on TV, Sierra’s busy singing harmonies with her sisters, who’ve spent the past 12 years working together as a girl group called McCLAIN.

But if she’s not in either of those places, you can probably find Sierra at In-N-Out, because bb girl’s priorities are RIGHT.

Did you watch “Empire” at all before you knew you were gonna be on it?

I sure did, My mom was actually the big fan, so I used to sit with her and watch it all the time, so I’ve seen every episode.

Your sisters all sing too, did any of them try out for Nessa?

[Laughs] It’s funny, cause that’s normally that’s how it happens. Normally we all go out for a lot of the same roles. But this one was just me for some reason.

So on the show, your character ends up hooking up with a guy whose wife just died and while you’re in the thick of things, he’s imagining his wife is right there, like participating in the sex.  What’s your craziest hookup story?

MY craziest hookup story? Oh gosh…um I’ve never hooked up, so I don’t have one, but I will live vicariously through Nessa for a second and say that was definitely my craziest hookup at work. But I’ve never had a hookup like that.

So are you saving yourself for marriage then?

I mean, yeah! To be honest with you, I am. I’ve never hooked up with anybody. I think because we’ve been, you know working at such a young age, it wasn’t a priority for us to get out there. Not that we’re not open, cause you know I go out, I have fun.

What’s the first thing you splurged on after you got your first big paycheck?

I hate to call myself cheap, but I really am. I probably spend the most money on food and books. Like literally. I’ll definitely  blow an entire paycheck at like Barnes and Noble and then at friggin’ In-N-Out, like I’m a big foodie and I love to read. So yeah, probably some food. You know what? I went to Gibsons and I spent a lot of money there, you know the steakhouse here in Chicago, so I’ll probably say Gibsons.

I mean, I love clothes, love shoes and stuff like that, but if I’m spending money every day every week consistently, it’s on food and a lot of it.


Photos by Josh Williams Photography

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