Emery Kelly is your new instagram crush

Emery Kelly is a 21 year old multi talented cutie. Currently he plays Lucas on the Netflix series Alexa and Katie which is on its second season. Emery is also a blossoming musician as 1/3 of the pop trio FIYM (Forever in Your Mind).  Besides all this, he is also an ultimate all around cutie and our new instagram crush. Check out our melodramatic photoshoot with him as well as a Q+A below!


T shirt by Les Amis

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Tell us about your character from Alexa & Katie. Would you be friends with him in real life?

I play Lucas Mendoza on Alexa & Katie and Lucas is Alexa’s brother who looks out for his sister. He is obsessed with his hair. He has a genuine heart and sometimes makes a fool of himself. I love acting in his shoes and yes, I would be his friend in real life. You need positive energy like that around you all the time!

Favorite Movie of all time:
My favorite movie is The Notebook. I want to build a house for my wife just like Ryan did.

What is your ideal First date?

Dinner & a movie. I’m classic

Favorite Color?


Favorite Food?

Mom and dad’s homemade crispy chicken wings

Craziest things you’ve ever read about yourself?

Fan fictions. I’ve read some crazy ass fan fictions.

6 things you cannot live without:

My family. My friends. JUST Water. My music studio. Food. Shelter.

Boxers or briefs?

Boxer briefs

What Song are you playing on repeat at the moment?

Unreleased music 😉

Tell us more about your Music and band FIYM

We’ve been together for more than 5 years now, we’re brothers till the end of time. We love making music together and we just dropped a new single ‘Let Go’ out on all platforms

How did you come up with the Band name?

When we were trying to figure out what name we wanted.. We wrote down about 50 different band names and FIYM was our third choice. We didn’t know what to pick so we let the X-Factor decide and they chose FIYM

What makes you Sad?

I am always sad, but I am always happy too, I am an artist.

What Advice would you give your 15year old self?

be your f***** self Emery, don’t let the dumb bullsh*t get to you!

Biggest Girl crush?

Selena Gomez

What is your Life motto?

Life motto is to be yourself, learn to love life and never let negativity change you. Only let it shape you to become a better version of yourself.

What do you look for in a Girlfriend?

I love personality, but in all honestly I look for someone who can make me a better person. Love is love.

What can we expect in 2019?

I got a new studio so I’ll be making a sh*t ton of new music & maybe some more acting jobs


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Photos by Prince + Jacob

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