Eden XO’s New Single Proves Gold Can Stay in ‘El Barrio’

Nothing gold can stay, or so the saying goes. But Eden XO disproves that with her new video for “El Barrio”.

Eden XO is the golden babe from California taking the pop scene by storm. Although she got her start in a band, she has since become a solo artist, signed to a new label, and dropped a few synth-pop bangers on SoundCloud. A seasoned performer, Eden even opened for Britney Spears on tour.

We talked to Eden about the new video for “El Barrio,” which features several golden cultural motifs. You can watch the video below, and buy the single that dropped today here.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Anaheim but when I was about to start school we moved to Moreno Valley, CA. The Inland Empire was in the process of gentrification and a lot of people were moving from South Central LA or the OC to the IE because of affordable housing. My mother started teaching ESL in San Bernardino and my father sold used cars he bought at auction out of our house. 

When did you decide that you wanted to start making music? 

When I was 16 years old I graduated high school early and I was emancipated so I could move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in show business. First I got an acting agent and started landing small commercials. I did a Powerade spot with Lebron James once. I liked being on set for the experience, but music was my first love so I started a band called “Shut Up Stella” and soon after we formed I landed my first major record deal. 

As far as sound and style goes, who are some of your major influences for your new EP?

Lately I went back and started listening to my favorite albums as a kid., Stankonia, Tragic Kingdom, Crazy Sexy Cool, Confessions on a Dance Floor…. I think all of these artists influence me a lot. Making “Gold Finger” EP is something that naturally came together the past few months as I started writing to cope with a bunch of personal changes in life. I went through a lot of friendship breakups, those can be really tough and elicit a rawness emotionally that you hear on tracks like “Finger.” 

Since one of the new songs is called “Gold,” what’s your fave gold thing to wear? 

My chain that my grandma gave me. It was in a safety deposit box for me since I was a kid. It’s so crazy it looks fake, but it’s 24 karat solid gold chain from Iran that will flex on any rapper in the game. Trust. 

You cowrote that song with Tony Kanal of “No Doubt.” What was the process like writing and producing? 

Well obviously it’s no secret how much I love No Doubt. Working with Tony and becoming friends has been really cool. We started the song almost 3 years ago with Jimmy Harry who’s produced for Madonna, Pink etc… I think we are all just really happy it’s finally coming out. 

Describe your personal style!

It evolves. Right now I’m obsessed with EVERYTHING Gucci is doing. I love the color combinations, the animal and butterfly prints, the silk textures etc… I’ve been putting together my own looks kind of inspired by that. I also love Jeremy Scott, and this new line called March I guess you could say I’m really into color. 

Your song “Torn (Don’t Stop Believin’)” has been listened to over 50 thousand times on SoundCloud! Did you expect your song to become so popular? 

Wow. That’s kind of amazing considering no one marketed it or pushed it out there. It was something I just had to get out creatively and so I popped it on my SoundCloud. I guess good music finds it’s way sometimes. 

Tell us a little bit about your video for your new single “El Barrio”!

It was directed by Clement Oberto. He is an up and coming French filmmaker who I believe will be huge one day. Together we wanted to flip the concept of what a “barrio” looks like. I can’t say much more than that about it at the moment. But It’s the best video I’ve ever made and it was so nice to have creative control and freedom. My husband, ThankYouX, handled some of the art direction and Johnny Wujek styled me. 

When can we expect the new video? 

I don’t have a date but we are editing away on it now, so hopefully very soon. 

You’re about to play to some shows coming up soon. Are you nervous at all? 

You would think after opening for Britney Spears on tour that nothing would make me nervous, but sometimes I still get little butterflies. I care about putting on a good show for my fans, so I think that’s why. 

Anything else you’re currently working on? 

I shot another music video for my fans for “Dirty Blonde” which I know they are all wondering about. I want to let them know that I plan on putting that out after Gold Finger. I just got creatively side tracked, but I’m working on finishing that too for everyone by the end of the year. Lots of new music coming! 

Swimsuit: Kiini | Gold Piece: The Blonds

Gold Piece: The Blonds

Dress: MARCH11

Photography: Amber Asaly

Stylist: Johnny Wujek

Hair: Michael Moreno

Make-up: Tony Tulve

Watch the video for “El Barrio” here:

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