East Coast Summers Can Be Moody AF

When you live in the Northeast, the weather can be like a bad boyfriend — hot sometimes, frigidly cold other times, and either way, extreme enough to make you wanna stay inside forever.

That’s why even when a long winter leaves us praying for the summer sun, East Coast babes can be found sulking as temperatures climb, humidity sets in, and offshore winds bring a very un-chic smattering of flies to the barbecue.

East Coasters look forward to the summer all year long, envisioning a California-style existence with sunshine, hot surfer guys, and Coronas on the beach.

But in reality, the traffic is ridic, the crowds are insane, and you have to sit through the forced family time that comes from tagging along to your friend’s friend’s friend’s aunt’s summer home. It’s enough to make you pull the crankiest face possible despite how fierce you look in your bikini.

Isn’t it weirdly fun to be cranky in the summer, though? It’s the perfect mix of glamour and rebellion — it’s nicer out than usual, sure, but I’m not gonna smile just because the temp’s over 80.

And unfussy summer style is the perfect complement to a puss on your face. So we put this shoot together to celebrate the anti-Hamptons look of the summer — no Vineyard Vines here.

Dress: WOW couture | Shoes: Aldo

Top: Frankie’s Bikinis | Jacket and Pant: PatBO | Shoes: Aldo

Top: Tribe Kelley | Bottom: Hot as Hell | Necklace: Yuwei | Bracelet: Cocobelle | Shoes: Seychelles | Sunglasses: Wildfox

Top: Hot as Hell | Pants: Volcom | Sunglasses: Wildfox | Belt: Erin Dana

Shoes: Seychelles | Swimsuit: Solid & Striped

Shoes: Seychelles | Swimsuit: Solid & Striped

Swimsuit: KORE

Swimsuit: Peixoto 

Top: Beach Bunny | Bottom: PilyQ

Swimsuit: Beach Bunny

Swimsuit: Gooseberry Seaside | Shorts: INDAH | Shoes: Seychelles

Swimsuit: Velvet Sphynx | Shoes: Aldo

Choker: Erin Dana | Top: INDAH | Pants: 2ndDay | Shoes: Aldo

Choker: Erin Dana | Top: Hot as Hell | Pants: 2ndDay | Belt: AMI Clubwear | Shoes: Aldo

Swimsuits: Beach Bunny Swimwear

Swimsuit: Peixoto

Photos: Amber Asaly

Styling: Elle Marcelle

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