A Drinking Game Just For The Westminster Dog Show

Every year on Thanksgiving, the Westminster Dog Show is held in NYC, and legions of American millennials watch it while sneaking booze and waiting for their parents to finish cooking the god damn dinner.

Coming on TV right after the parade and before dinner and football, the dog show evaluates how well each purebred pup can represent for its dog squad. It’s an annual tradition — like the Hunger Games, but cute.

So while you watch the dogs trot around the stadium, here’s a drinking game to show you just how fun a dog show can be.

Hands up if you love agility! #RoadToWKC

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1. When you catch yourself cheering at the TV

2. If a dog is more glam than you

3. When the non sporting group comes on (for pity)

4. If the dog’s owner looks like a momager

5. When the owner wears Geox shoes or sandals

6. When you see a Bergamasco

7. When you think the dog’s hair has been deeper conditioned than yours

8. If the dog is leading the owner cuz the owner is slow af

9. When the dog f**ks up (we love a rebel)

Smile! It’s Saturday! #roadtowkc

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10. When someone shaggy makes an appearance

11. If you ever spot a non-white dog owner (highly unlikely)

12. When you spot someone under the age of 50 in the audience

13. When the dog’s owner and the dog look like twins

14. When the owner looks like a Stepford Wife

Bon appetit!

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