Dreezy Wants Us Girls to Remember Our Worth

Dreezy is a singer, songwriter and rapper best know for her collaborations with Jeremih, Gucci Mane, and T-Pain. Her song “Body” just went platinum. The rapper brings us unapologetic boss-bitch girl power and reminds us to never forget our worth.

Dreezy stopped by the Galore office to talk about what went into making her album “No Hard Feelings.”

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Where are you from?

I’m from Chicago and I just moved out here to LA two years ago.

How has that move influenced your life?

Man, I’m just growing and changing. You feel me? I’m looking at life a lot differently. Friendships change, relationships change, you know. It’s just a whole new world, getting used to the LA lifestyle.

How do you feel about it so far?

It’s cool. It was hard at first, but now I feel like I’m getting used to it. I can focus more on my work.

What does Chicago do better than LA?

Cook [laughs]. We kick it better. Better music. I like LA music but I’m from Chicago, so I gotta, you know?

What’s the music scene you come from?

Chicago got different styles. It’s just hunger. We keep it raw. It’s gritty, it’s real.

Do you feel like you have some of those aspects to you?

Yeah, of course. All I know how to do is keep it real. I come hard on every track. Every rap song I do I try to give my best 16 and I just talk about what I know.

What do you talk about in your music?

I talk about everything. Stuff that relates to me. Whether it’s about relationships, life, boys, money, it’s just everything. My last project was called “No Hard Feelings”. I kinda made it into a storyline on the relationship basis so it could relate to everybody. It’s really like a female empowerment album to me. But it’s for everybody. It’s about knowing your worth and running it up, knowing your worth in the business, relationships, everything.

Do you feel like it’s hard for women to know their worth at the start?

Definitely. Females go for anything. Nowadays, females get excited when a boy feed them, stuff like that. Like, “He bought me something to eat!” Is our worth that low? You know what I’m saying? I just feel like we gotta take a stand on a lot of stuff. We set the standard so low now. A lot of my lesson learning has been just trying to stay true to myself. I’m not gonna settle for this. I don’t care who you are, how much money you got. I know my worth and I’m not settling for just nothing. I need the best of the best.

Yes! Do you think all girls should learn that?

Yeah! That’s why it’s called “No Hard Feelings”. It’s not just relationships, it’s business. Just being in the music industry and being a female, I’m not just settling for the little things that they give me, I want the best of the best. I want to be treated just like every other artist on the roster whether I’m a female, rapping, singing, whatever I’m doing. Whatever I want, that’s what I deserve. I had to leave a lot of people behind and move to a different chapter of my life but I’m not mad at nobody because I’m good now. You know what I’m saying? No hard feelings. You good, I’m good.

Yeah, this is what you need to do for you.


I love it. So what are you working on right now?

Right now I just finished the EP with 808 Mafia. It’s bars, just turnt up music. Just to get back into my vibe. With “No Hard Feelings” we spent a lot of time on to make it lasting, give it a feel. This music we just kinda had fun. Talking shit, being hype. Something I can ride around with my girls and my guys to and we just turnt up.

Amazing. What are the topics you write about on this EP?

In this one I’m just talkin’ shit. It’s bars. I really wanted to get into my rap. With “No Hard Feelings” it was like, “is she a singer now?” And it’s like yeah, I am a singer. But I’m still gonna get y’all that bars. That Chicago. What people love about Dreezy. I’m just trying to move people into seeing that I’m a well-rounded artist.

Do you have some dream collaborations in the future that you’d like to work with?

Man, I just wanna work with the greats. I’d love to do a track with Nicki. I love working with Jeremih, we already did a song. “Body” is about to go platinum. I like working with him. I wanna do a song with Kendrick, J. Cole, Drake, Wayne, Kanye.

Are you gonna see the Pablo Tour?

I don’t know about that mosh pit, all the sweaty boys like pushing me… no.

What’s your personal style?

My style is kinda like sporty, sexy, tomboy. It’s just really mixed all over the place. It’s real comfortable though, and cute. I like to show a little bit but not too much.

Do you like to put on a face? Give a look?

Yeah, I get my stuff from like Mac, Anastasia, Sephora.

What’s your favorite product right now? Is it lipstick, highlighter, a wing?

I love a wing. I got this cool little make up story. So I was with Kelly Rowland and my manager, I think at SXSW, and my manager was like, “Kelly we need somebody to do Dreezy’s face, who’s your makeup artist out here?” And she was like “I’ll do Dreezy’s face!” She got me this lipstick, it’s one of my favorite lipsticks to this day. It’s called “Faux”, it’s from Mac. It’s like a pink nude, it’s pretty. And she went to my show after that! She’s just so cool. I love Kelly.

Yassss, we love Kelly too!  So what would you say to girls that want to break into this industry or make music?

I always say, it’s a male dominated industry, so go harder than the boys. They sit in the studio all day, so you gotta have the same hunger, you gotta talk about something. Have some content. Find something real to relate to people. For me I feel like I’m starting to relate to women just because of what I’m going through in life. I feel like it’s so many guys out here, they have so many role models they can look up to. They got Drake, Future, Kendrick. We got Nicki Minaj, and she’s a great role model but there are so many sides to a female that aren’t being seen yet. Lauryn Hill touches bases on a lot of real spots but I just want to bring more to the table.

Interview & Photos by Maddie Cordoba

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