‘Drag Race’ Star Sasha Colby talks Pagents, Career & more!

It’s Sasha Colby’s time to shine! The Hawaiian-born Beauty Pagent competitor, Drag performer, and now, Galore Proud to Be Cover girl reflects on her Journey to stardom, her time on ‘Drag Race’ & more! We got to know Sasha from the comfort of our homes while she won Season 15 of the Hit series, but how well do you know her? We’re so excited to celebrate Pride Month with Sasha! Read our full Interview below.

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Featured Interview:

How is your creativity disrupting the culture of drag?
I think that my creativity is enhancing and celebrating drag culture. I am a representation of the type of drag that I love and grew up on, and I think a lot of people haven’t seen that kind of drag history on a national or international level before.

What was your experience like on Drag Race and what was your wow moment?
My experience on Drag Race was incredible. I went into the show with the intention of having a great time and not trying to be what I think they want me to be. I was confident in my love of drag and wanted to showcase the kind of drag that I do on an international level.

What is one thing you would tell your 16-year-old self?
Oh, girl. I would tell my 16-year-old self, that I know it’s really scary right now, I know you feel very alone, but if you hold out for another year, you are going to meet the most incredible people that you’ll ever meet in your life. They will be your friends for the next, at least, 25 years. You will have made your lifelong friends through dance, even though home and school are a little scary and alone. Get ready, sugar, because you’re about to pop off.

How was your journey of transitioning?
I’d say that with growth comes growing pains. There was a lot of discomfort I had to deal with surrounding family, childhood friends, and people that just weren’t understanding. My drag family was a really good support team and made me feel like it was okay to feel how I was naturally feeling. Having them and my friends around made me feel less scared of the discomfort.

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What does pride mean to you?
Pride means we must set aside a day or a week or a month to be proud because the rest of the world wants to make us live in shame. Pride means that we are still doing the work on making sure everyone is being treated equally and with respect and humanity. The ideal situation is that there wouldn’t have to be Pride month because we are all equal, but until then we are going to celebrate and do what the community always does; let everyone know that we’re here, we’re not going anywhere, and we have really great music and liquor.

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What was the first beauty product you tried that made you feel like the sexiest to

Mascara was definitely my “aha” moment. I already had naturally long lashes, but they’re light. So, once I threw some mascara on my lashes, it just made me feel so glamorous and made my eyes look really beautiful.

How does the pageant world differ from the drag world?
I don’t think there’s a lot of difference between the pageant world and the drag world. To me, the pageant world is the drag world, just on a very hyper-realized level. There’s a competition mode and a training mode. Doing drag scenes and doing shows, that’s our time to train. When we are in pageant mode, that’s our time to compete. So, if you think about it like an athlete, that’s the difference.

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Who are your heroes?
My heroes are all the women in my life, cis and trans, non-binary, and lesbian. All the women that I’ve met in my life have made me feel like I belong, and that makes me feel like I want to show my power. And who doesn’t love a good old diva celebrity as a hero? My diva celebrity is, and always will be, Janet Jackson.

How did religion play a part in your transness and what are your thoughts on
religion at the moment?

I can’t really get behind man-made religion. I’m all about spirituality. I think religion allowed me to step into my transness a little quicker because religion is really important in my family. When you’re being forced something, you definitely question it. The first thing we as humans want to do is examine something we don’t like. So that’s what I did with religion. It was really easy for me to understand how recent in our timeline as humans man-made religion is, and how much it changes over centuries. Do you know what hasn’t changed over centuries? Trans people, all of us in history.

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What TV show are you currently binge-watching?
I’ve been re-watching Beef. I love the AAPI representation and love the fact that it’s not just something that people of Asian Pacific Island Heritage can identify with. It’s a human experience told by Asian characters, which is really great.

What is your signature fragrance?
Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia.

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Any advice for kids reading this who want to get into drag?

My advice to you, kiddos, is go get in drag, go play. Drag is so much fun and so artistic and allows you to be so creative. So, if you’re thinking about it, go do it. When I started putting on makeup, it was just another extension of my drawings or me doing sketches of women or clothes. It is just another great way to express yourself creatively. If you feel it, go do it and just have fun. Don’t think that you have to know everything. Drag is constantly allowing yourself to grow and evolve. Enjoy the journey.

How do you deal with mental health after all the sudden fame after winning Drag Race?
Mental health is actually very important to me. I want to be effective and useful with my platform, which means I would like to be in tip-top physical shape and feel healthy — mind, body, and soul. It is hard to take some time for mental health. I’m trying to find time in the air since I’m traveling quite a bit. I try to find moments to rest on planes, meditate on planes, journal, be grateful, and listen to new music because we are making a lot of performances, honey.

How was your first drag experience ever?
My first drag experience was the first drag show I ever saw. It’s like that first high of watching your first show, I swear I’m chasing that until this day. It’s so special to me. I have the performance from that night and the artists that were in the show ingrained in my brain. I swear, I still do numbers that may remind me of the numbers I saw that night.

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Your accept your acceptance speech on Drag Race as they crowned you was phenomenal for the past, present, and future of trans people. What did you mean by that message?
When I said it, I really wanted to make people feel safer at home after hearing about all these legislations. It’s very disheartening. It makes me feel nervous, so I can imagine what someone, who is younger, more afraid, and maybe in a very conservative family or city is feeling. I just wanted to make them feel that they weren’t alone because it’s a very scary thing to have your human rights attacked. Also, I really wouldn’t really be anything if it wasn’t for the trans people before me.

What is next for you this year?
I’m enjoying this year as America’s Next Drag Superstar. I’m enjoying all the rewards that I get to experience being the winner. I’m getting to travel all over the world, I get to meet new people, and I get to meet people that I never thought would even watch the show. That’s the thing I’m loving the most. I’m also thinking about what else Mother wants to do, thinking about music, acting, fashion, and my dreams. We’ll see what’s next for me. The sky’s the limit.

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