The Do’s And Don’t’s Of Staying Over Your Bf’s For the First Time

We all know its a good sign when he invites you to stay at his humble abode. But we also know that this is a test that will show if your going to tip-toe around him or be yourself and own it. Definitely go with the latter!


Do tell him you really like his apt, even if you don’t. Once your relationship is more solidified thats when you can tell him to get rid of his disgusting frat house castoffs.

Do be confident with his roommates. Yeah, they’re probably judging you, but who says you can’t judge them too? Guys are like puppies, they respond to dominance. Give off the vibe that they’re the ones who need to impress you and they’ll be climbing all over each other to make you laugh.

Do cuddle up! Take full advantage that you’ve bagged someone… especially during cuffing season. Pull up a blanket and initiate a spooning session. It’s freezing outside and you want his body to warm you up.

Do show him you DGAF. So what you snore? Who cares if you snort when you laugh? Don’t hide it. It’s always cool when a girl can own her quirks.


Don’t wake up at 7 a.m. to go and put on make up in the fear he might notice your eyelashes are a tad bit shorter without mascara. Guys don’t notice details. If you’re truly insecure about your no-makeup look, just keep a teeny bit of eyeliner on in bed, he’ll never know.

Don’t hesitate. Just because you’re in his apartment, don’t feel like you have to walk on eggshells. If you want to make yourself a sandwich or have a glass wine, just ask him! You don’t need to wait for him to offer. You’re hungry.

Don’t feel obliged. Unless for some reason you love making the bed in the morning, or folding his clothes don’t feel like you have to because you’re a guest at his. I highly doubt he would be offering his cleaning services at yours.

Don’t be insecure about inviting him to your place. It’s probably nicer than his anyway. And even if it’s not, maybe he’ll find your cheapo pour-over coffee method charming.

Don’t be shy. If you want to rip his clothes off from the minute you walk in the door, do it! There is nothing sexier than a girl who’s not afraid to show her dominant side .

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