Doctors Said She Would Never Walk Again, But Look At Her Now – Amy’s Inspiring Transformation With V Shred

Disclaimer: Amy’s story and results are unique. Results with the V Shred program vary. For typical results, please see the testimonial support page.

After a brutal accident that left her body shattered, doctors told Amy that she would never walk again. With determination to prove them wrong, she defied all odds and transformed her body with a popular online fitness program…

In the blink of an eye, your entire life can flip upside down. That’s exactly what happened when an incident over 20 years ago altered the course of Amy’s life. While on a walk in her neighborhood, she was brutally struck by a drunk driver and rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. It looked like a scene from right out of a movie. 

“In 2002, I was walking down the road and was hit by a drunk driver,” she tells us. “I went to the hospital, and they didn’t know if they would be able to save my life.” 

Preventable crashes like this take the lives of dozens of Americans every single day. It is with a great amount of willpower, determination, and the grace of God, that Amy was able to survive, especially considering the grievous injuries to her body. 

“My right leg was broken in three places and my left leg was broken in five. Both ankles were broken, and my pelvis was cracked in three places as well. I was a mess,” she says. Amy also suffered a torn aorta, and underwent open-heart surgery as a result of the accident.

Doctors told her that she may never walk again, and that her chances of having kids in the future are slim to none. However, Amy didn’t let that get her hopes down. She remained dedicated to her recovery, and slowly but surely, healed from her wounds. She didn’t just defy the doctor’s opinions by regaining her ability to walk–Amy also was able to become a mother of two! 

This traumatic experience changed Amy’s life in many ways, but most importantly, showed her that anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it. Doctors told her that she may never walk again, but she didn’t let that bring her down. “Everything is up to you. If you want it hard enough and you work for it, you’re gonna get it,” she says. 

With a newfound appreciation for life, Amy turned her attention inwards. She didn’t want to just live, she wanted to thrive. Recovering from the accident followed by the journey of two pregnancies and motherhood, left Amy feeling trapped in a body that she didn’t like, so she decided to do something about it.

“I was very unhappy with myself and what I saw in the mirror every day,” says Amy. “I didn’t realize how severely I was overweight, but I would get tired easily and wouldn’t be able to keep up with my son who moved at lightning speed at the time.”

Amy wanted to get fit, but most workout programs were made up of exercises that she wasn’t able to do physically. Instead, she focused solely on her diet but didn’t get the results she was looking for. Amy tried almost every diet under the sun, but nothing worked. Then one day, her husband discovered a workout program that changed everything – the V Shred Fat Loss Extreme program.

Amy was hesitant, especially after everything she had been through, but after reading the reviews, she thought “what the heck” and signed up. “There are so many exercises that I physically can not do, so just being able to pause and do half in the morning and half in the evening so I could build up strength was a game changer for me,” she shares.

The V Shred Fat Loss Extreme program is a 90-day weight loss program designed for women who are struggling to lose weight. Unlike traditional workout programs, the Fat Loss Extreme program is designed with a process known as “Metabolic Confusion” and helps optimize hormones that help you burn fat.

With this method, pizza, pasta, and chocolate and other favorites can stay on the menu. And the millions of women who have done this program see great results.  One of the secrets lies in a carb cycling method that varies the amount of carbs you eat based on the day of the week. Some days you eat more, others you eat less, and the metabolism remains active throughout–no matter what you’re eating.

Accompanying this approach to eating real food is doing simple at-home workouts that only require 15 to 20 minutes a day. 

Amy started to see results within days of following the program

“I lost 4.5 pounds, and just seeing that progress, I thought, wow, if I keep this up, I’m going to lose even more, and I have. It’s been such a great experience.” Upon completing the 90 day program, Amy lost a staggering 17 pounds.

“It’s amazing how it takes little effort to actually see progress. I know I wouldn’t be as fit if I didn’t have V Shred because of the ability to make it my own. It has helped so much,” she concludes. 

Those interested can take the V Shred Body Type Quiz and learn more about Fat Loss Extreme here.

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