DJ May Kwok is the Sound of the City

If you live in NY there’s no good reason why you haven’t been acquainted with DJ May Kwok who has been the backbone of NY night life for a while now. Check out her interview with us!


What inspired you to become a DJ?
Music has and will always be a constant thread that connects me with this city, my friends and the places I go. It made sense for me to find a way to work in the atmosphere where I felt comfortable – making work feel like play. I was already spending so much time researching music and helping friends curate playlists, that Djing seemed like a pretty natural fit.

What song makes you feel sexy?
TLC – Red Light Special

Favorite new artist:
Iggy Azealea is killing the female artist game right now.

Top 5 female musician of all time:
Aaliyah, Beyonce, Rihanna, TLC, Janet Jackson

What do you love most about NYC?
The obscurity of it all. You just never know with this city.

Best party you have ever DJ’d?
Can’t stop reminiscing about djing at Madame Wongs a few years ago. I played so many 90s hits and you could feel the floor shaking from everyone dancing so hard.

Female DJ tips:
Find a nice/fashionable bag to bring your equipment in!


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