Discover the Musical Brilliance of Miranda Joan Through Her Latest Release, “She Knows”

Miranda Joan‘s latest release, “She Knows,” is a delicate sonic journey that showcases her remarkable talent as a singer, songwriter, and musician. Born in Montreal and raised on Vancouver’s North Shore, Miranda Joan’s roots shine on this soulful track.

With influences ranging from classic legends like Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder, and Carole King to contemporary artists like Anderson Paak, Little Dragon, and Robyn, Miranda manages to masterfully blend old and new to create a unique piece of soul-pop.

The song immediately captures attention with a deep, dramatic melody, and Miranda’s soft, soulful vocals that certainly take center stage, showcasing her impressive range and emotional depth in both the highest and lowest notes. Her voice glides effortlessly through the melody, drawing listeners into the heart of the song.

Listen to the track here!

Lyrically, “She Knows” is a testament to the compositional prowess of Miranda, who confides that “Being a woman comes with a complex set of stories that push and pull us in so many directions. The undercurrent is one of immense power, but often its surface is restless with questions of worth in a world that often challenges our value and undermines our personhood. I am increasingly in awe of and grateful for those who live in strength and self-knowing and remind me of our power. This song is in honor of the friends who can see through choppy waters and into the crystal clear hues of your humanity; those who truly see you, who love you, who know you.”

The musical style of “She Knows” is a fusion of classic and contemporary elements, with a nod to the timeless soul sound and modern pop sensibilities resulting in a sound that feels fresh and timeless at the same time.

Miranda Joan has found success sharing the stage with high-profile artists such as Andy Grammar, Lorde, Shawn Mendes, The Killers, and more. Likewise, she has made her mark on Brooklyn’s vibrant soul/jazz scene as co-host and co-founder of Brooklyn’s Femme Jam. This pioneering initiative marked the first exclusively female-led jam session in New York, with the goal of establishing a space that celebrates and prioritizes female musicians while promoting inclusivity.

“She Knows” is a must-listen for soulful pop-infused music lovers. The unique combination of influences and her skillful songwriting come together to create a song that is not only incredibly accomplished musically but also thought-provoking. Miranda’s distinctive voice and impeccable production make her a standout addition to her discography. “She Knows” is a testament to her artistry and a promising vision of what is to come from the talented Miranda Joan.

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