Devon Baldwin’s New Song Is All About Her Heroes

If you’ve ever been derailed from your dream by some sort of unfortunate event, you’ll completely relate to singer Devon Baldwin.

After growing up singing non-stop, studying opera in college, and even making it to the top echelon of American Idol, Devon suffered a lung collapse that forced her to take a serious break from singing.

But that wasn’t enough to stop Devon, as she made her comeback in 2015 with her debut EP, aptly titled “Lungs.”  

Besides being an actual “hero” IRL due to this crazy setback, Devon pulled the lyrics for her new song “Hero” from two of her fave animated heroes: Pocahontas and Totoro.

Some of the imagery in the lyrics is inspired by visuals in these movies,” she told us. “For instance ‘between the cracks behind the light’ is about the little dust bunnies disappearing into the darkness in Totoro, and ‘hold your fire hold the guns / raise your flag and wave it high’ is about the scene in Pocahontas when she’s trying to save her boo John Smith.”

Devon is now amidst her “song a month” schedule, of which “Hero” is the first release. The song is dream-pop with electronic vibes and the video is nothing short of #beautygoals — even though Devon says it was completely unplanned.

“It was slightly terrifying going into a shoot without a treatment, but I knew I could trust Bobby (the director) to come up with something cool on the spot,” she said.

It seems that nothing will stop Devon, and this chick is just getting started.

Watch the dreamy vid here, and give D a follow on the socials so you can catch her monthly releases!

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Photo By: Kathryn Page

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