Demi Lovato Unleashes Her Fiery 8th studio album, HOLY FVCK

GRAMMY-nominated global superstar Demi Lovato’s critically acclaimed 8th studio album, HOLY FVCK out now via Island Records, debuts in the Top 10 across the Billboard Charts. The album lands at 1 on the Top Rock & Alternative Albums Chart, #1 on the Top Rock Albums Chart, #1 on Top Alternative Albums Chart, #7 on the Billboard 200 Chart (8th consecutive Top 10 debut), and #4 on the Top Album Sales Chart. Additionally, it marks Demi’s fifth consecutive Top 10 Debut in the UK, landing at #7 on the UK album chart. 

Demi released her 8th studio album, HOLY FVCK on August 19, 2022. The 16-track album sees Demi revisiting their rock and pop-punk roots and illustrates an earnest yet tongue-in-cheek retrospective of their life experiences. Features on the album include Yungblud, Royal & The Serpent, & Dead Sara. Demi co-wrote every song on the album. The first single off the album “Skin of My Teeth” was released on June 10 – song was met with both fan and critical praise, Vulture raving, “A grand return to rock music”. The 2nd single off the album “Substance” – the pop-punk anthem released July 15. “Substance” is about how a lot of things in the world these days lack substance and a genuine connection with people. HOLY FVCK Fall tour marks their first tour in 4 years – NA Tour kicks off on August 13 in Springfield, IL at the Illinois State Fair – tickets available now. Demi is going to be playing their old hits and catalog with a reimagined rock sound to them, along with the new stuff of course. DEAD SARA and Royal & The Serpent will join as support on the tour. Here at Galore we had the pleasure to interview Demi about her latest studio album, HOLY FVCK.



What was the inspiration for the name of your 8th studio album HOLY FVCK?

The dichotomy between good & bad, holy & evil, anger & love was a theme throughout this album, so when naming it I thought the perfect title would be named after one of the songs on this record called “HOLY FVCK”.

Your second single ‘SUBSTANCE’ released from HOLY FVCK is about the lack of substance in a lot of things including genuine connections with people. How much would you blame social media for that?

I blame social media for a lot of it, but at the same time it does connect people. We use social media as a distraction from our lives, but we do the same with things like drugs or alcohol. We have to ask ourselves – are we really living in the present and do we have meaningful connections with others?

What is something that has helped you unplug from social media in the past or present? As you know, it’s becoming essential to many people nowadays to take social media breaks for their mental health.

I love a good social media break but recently instead of taking a break, I only check it a couple times a day rather than using it as a crutch to get out of my head. I use it to keep in touch with friends or send funny videos to people — but only a couple times out of my day rather than over and over again.

It’s your first tour in over four years and since then, we’ve been through Covid and back. What is something you’re looking forward to most while touring?

I’m looking forward to seeing my fan’s faces and hearing them sing the lyrics of my new and older songs back to me!

When can you recall your first rock influence in music?

I guess I really can’t but there was a moment in my life when I became old enough to choose the music I wanted to listen to and that’s when I started branching out of pop music and listening to the bands that were in the emo scene.

How was your experience of collaborating with YUNGBLUD?

He’s so rad and talented – such a fun person to work with. He brought so much energy and light into that session!

One thing you can’t live without while on tour?

It used to be an Apple TV but now it’s an eye mask. Can’t sleep without it!

What can your fans expect from attending your HOLY FVCK concert Tour that is different from past tours?

I’m changing my older songs into rock versions which I think the fans will enjoy and be very intrigued to hear.

What is your favorite song if you had to choose one from this album? Why?

I don’t have just one. That’s like asking a mother to choose her favorite child!


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