Debi Hasky Is Not Your Mamacita

I recently came across Barcelona artist Debi Hasky’s Instagram page and immediately became obsessed with her work. She is reppin’ heavy for the ladies and I’m all about it.

My personal favorite illustrations of hers are the “No Soy Tu Mamacita” and “Seduce Mi Mente” pieces. But she speaks for all us girls rolling our eyes to the fuckboys with the “Not Ur Babe” design.

From T-shirts to throw pillows and mugs, Debi offers a little bit of everything for you to carry some of her quirky art with you.

Check out the interview below I had with this young talented baddie to learn more about what inspires her art as well as the lamest pickup line she’s ever heard.

What inspires your art?

So many things! To try and sum it up: Badass ladies, weird feelings I’m always trying to figure out, pastel colors, friends, random conversations, and everything in between.

How long have you been creating?

For as long as I can remember.

In three words how would you describe your brand?

Sassy, confident, cute.

Do any other female artists/celebrities inspire you?

Yes! So many! I’ll try not to name too many: Frida Kahlo, Debbie Harry (always secretly loved that we have the same name), Robin Eisenberg, Tuesday Bassen, Ilse Valfre, Raquel Corcoles (or better known as Moderna de Pueblo), Elena & Rebeca (the ladies who run @WeLoverSize), Sonia Lazo, Emma Watson… I could keep going!

If you could collab with anyone on a fashion line who would it be & why?

I would love to collaborate with Olympia Le-Tan. I love her work, it’s so cute and playful! She makes so many pieces I would love to own. Her book clutches are my favorite and I feel that it would be so cool to collaborate on a couple of accessories with her, her style  could pair well with my illustrations.

What does girl power mean to you?

Girl power to me is doing whatever you want, despite your gender. It means not limiting yourself and pursuing whatever you want in life, without letting your gender hold you back.

What advice do you have for girls facing body image issues?

Don’t be afraid to love yourself. Love your body, love your thighs, love your boobs, love your belly, love your elbows, love that mole that you might think is weird. Love all your “imperfections” because they all make you who you are, and you are f**cking awesome.

Last but not least I’m curious… what’s the lamest pickup line you’ve ever heard?

It’s a play on my name, Deborah, after I have introduced myself I have gotten dudes say, “Devorame,” which basically means devour me. *rolls eyes*

Check out Hasky’s page now to grab some of her goodies and stay posted on what she’ll come up with next!

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