Dafy Hagai’s New Photography Book “Israeli Girls”

Dafy Hagai’s new photography book, “Israeli Girls”, is a refreshing depiction of teenage life in Israel.

A young Israeli woman in a string bikini.

Photographed entirely in Hagai’s hometown of Tel Aviv, the book features Israeli teens, fashionably dressed (and undressed), laughing, smoking cigarettes and just generally enjoying their youth the way all young women of that age try to do.

Topless and fearless in Tel Aviv

Hagai’s book is an encouragement to all females, no matter the climate that they live in to explore their own sexuality and girl power and to shoot down all of the perceptions of live in the city where she grew up, that she herself knows are just not true.

A young woman smokes a cigarette in a bright orange top.

“I thought most people don’t really have an image of how youth culture looks like in a place like Israel, and especially when you think about girls and sexuality, so I wanted to show that. These girls are young, teenage, suburban and cool.” says Hagai

Cigarettes and tight fitting turtlenecks

“These girls aren’t that different from girls growing up in Jersey, but it’s funny that people are surprised to see Israeli girls the way I shot them, as if they were supposed to be more modest or religious!”

Sunbathing topless and tattooed

A girl sunning herself in front of a busy street.

An enviable pair of hoop earrings and a gorgeous head of hair.

Sipping a strawberry smoothie and showing off that septum ring.

Pantsless in front of her suburban home.

Rocking a Coca Cola colored red lip

A beautiful girl basking in the sun

Taking her shirt off as she goes for a walk in the woods.

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