The Creep Responsible For Hacking J-Law’s Nudes Is Going To Jail

In a moment of justice for sexters everywhere, the man who released Jennifer Lawrence’s private photos to the public has been sentenced to 18 months in jail.

But it wasn’t just any man, it was a man by the name of Ryan Collins, Pennsylvania dad of two.


Should we laugh? Should we cringe? Should we cry?

When we think of who shares private nudes, we think of 17-year-old boys who spend all day on Reddit and have never seen a real boob. Not a full grown man with a job and a family. This just doubles down the loser levels.

Collins also hacked into the online accounts of Kate Upton, Gabrielle Union, and Kirsten Dunst using a phishing scheme.

Once you see what Ryan Collins looks like, it will probs only make you laugh and/or cringe even more.

He reminds us of a less successful Guy Fieri?

The worst part about this is you know that dudes everywhere are still commending Collins for leaking these nudes. Because they’re guys.

Honestly, this is proof more than ever that some guys never grow up, and that sadly no matter who you are, there’s probs always some creep out there who wants to leak your nudes. Even if he’s a middle aged man from Amish country in Pennsylvania (Lancaster, to be exact).

Hey dudes, next time you’re bummed that a girl won’t share sexy pics with you, blame your peers, or blame Ryan Collins, whatever.

H/T Elite Daily

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