How 8 of Your Favorite Celebrities Cure Their Hangovers

Even some the most “perfect” celebrities suffer from hangover symptoms — everyone has to go out and have fun at some point right?

But these celebs have mastered how to do so and still look great and productive the next day. We’ve enlisted their help and have provided their crazy, ridiculous, interesting, and helpful tips below.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow shared on her personal website Goop the extensive and ridiculous hot and cold spa treatment routine she goes through after a night of heavy drinking.

“Just draw a bath that is as hot as you can handle it and mix in some Epsom salts and baking soda,” she wrote. “Soak for twenty minutes and then pop into a freeing cold shower for 1 minute. Get back in the hot bath and stay until you’re warmed up. Then get back in the shower for 1 more minute.”

This tip takes a lot of patience and focus, two things most hungover people sadly don’t have much of.

2. Prince Harry 

Party animal Prince Harry cures his hangovers with Strawberry Milkshakes which may help to explain why his face is always bright red.

3. Paris Hilton

Hilton recommends a quarter-pounder with cheese and lots of fries. Which, sure babe, we totally believe you eat quarter-pounders. Either way, for all the greasy food lovers out there this tip may work for you.

4. Kate Hudson 

Kate Hudson shared with Cosmopolitan a super unrealistic but sensible approach: “I’ll drink lots of tomato juice, eat fresh fruit and avocado, and take loads of vitamins.”

I’m sure this tip helps but who really wants to wake up to eat vegetables after a long night out?

5. Cameron Diaz

Lots of grease and more alcohol, specifically beer, are Cameron Diaz’s cures of choice. Ah, Cameron Diaz, being the “relatable celebrity” since J. Law was just a twinkle in pop culture’s eye.

6. Ashley Benson

Benson turns to beauty cures, not food, after a night out. She told US Weekly, “I refresh my skin with a cucumber mask, followed by a lot of moisturizer.”

7. Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana prepares herself before her hangover even begins, she told US Weekly.

“Before going to bed, I put Epsom salts into a warm bath and soak for 15 minutes,” she said. “The next day I wake up with half of the night erased.”

Cute tip, but if you’re sober enough to do all that at night, you probably didn’t drink enough to have a hangover.

8. Christina Aguilera

Finally Christina Aguilera says she stays in bed and drinks plenty of fruit juice. She’s diva AF, so we believe it.

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