COVER STORY: Supermodel Marloes Horst on Being a Professional Beach Babe

Supermodel Marloes Horst covers our latest summer issue, the pictures below speak for themselves as to why this beauty is gracing our cover. Marloes talks Victoria Secret, childhood and what’s coming up next!

Photography by James Macari

Interview by Max McCormack


strong>How do you keep your body in top shape any tips you can share?
I go to a pilates studio and I box. It works for me because they’re so different from each other so it stays fun. Doing the same things over and over again makes people bored.

What’s the most scandalous thing you’ve done or seen backstage at a fashion show?
It’s always fun to watch girls fall asleep while getting hair and make-up done. They have to hold their head to finish the look. It has happened too me as well.


You were featured in this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. How was the shoot and where did you travel for it and how did you prepare?
We shot in Madagascar, which was just amazing. It’s the best thing about my job. Going to locations you would never have gone otherwise. The shoot was fun and easy. You put a bathing suit on and then we do what ever we feel like. Its a very free shoot, they want the girls to be comfortable and just have fun.

You must be traveling nonstop with a schedule like yours. When you do get downtime, how do you relax?
I have a dog who I spend most of my time with. Shes great for me. She wakes me up in the morning and gets me outside. I also love to browse in furniture stores.

horst 6

Where are you going this summer? Any fabulous vacations in the works?
Normally I go back to Holland for a week or two and the rest I spend in NYC. I like spending down time in the city and not to travel for awhile.

What was life like growing up in Holland ? Did you always want to be a model?
I’m from a small village. It was a very easy youth. Lots of bike riding to friends and swimming in lakes. I wanted to do something with animals when I was young.

If you were stranded on a deserted island what are the 4 things you would bring?
A knife
Mosquito net
Salt water filter (does that even exist?)


What song gets you pumped up right now?
Happy from Pharrel

What was your childhood like? Did people think you were weird for being so tall and… well… fabulous looking?
I wasn’t so fabulous as a child. I was a bit chubby, I had glasses and a horrendous haircut. I was quite the nerd. Everyone goes through an awkward stage as a child.

Every girls dream is to be a Victoria Secret model, any tips for girls out there who want to become a model and how were you scouted?
I sent pictures with a friend to agencies in Holland and that’s how it all started.
My tip is to not start too young. Its a huge change from going to school with a lot of friends and living at home to being alone all the time and having to make grown up decisions.


What is your favorite bra by Victoria Secret?
Body by Victoria. They are very comfortable and they come in cute patterns to sexy lace. So I can change it up with the mood I’m in.

Favorite summer treat?
Lemonade and peaches


Favorite swimsuit color?
I love a white suit or I go for tan/brown colors.

Best place to take a romantic summer getaway:
South of Italy

What’s next for you besides taking the modeling world by storm?
Who knows! I have a couple of things I’d like to do, like designing underwear.


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