Cooper Phillip’s “She’s a Player” Unleashes a Moving Storm of Empowerment and Seduction

On her first release of 2024, ‘She’s a Player’, Russian-born, Los Angeles-based classically trained musician Cooper Phillip continues to push herself strongly and dynamically into the pop music arena.

With a commanding vocal range, an unapologetic attitude, and a musical intuition that says it all, Phillip showcases her evolution as an artist fearlessly navigating the global stage. The R&B-infused single captivates from the first note, with Cooper’s seductive vocals taking center stage. She puts her soul into her delivery and this undoubtedly adds depth and authenticity to the track, creating a refreshing listening experience.


As the song develops, it becomes evident that “She’s a Player” is more than just a pop song with a catchy melody and goes on to become a testament to Phillip’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment. The instrumentation of the song is a reflection of Phillip’s diverse musical training, which starts from classical but is mixed with contemporary R&B sounds. The result is a musical landscape that seems timeless and avant-garde.

Cooper Phillip’s voice, a spectacular instrument in its own right, serves as the perfect vehicle for the song’s narrative. Her vocal acrobatics are reminiscent of R&B legends Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Phillip’s ability to convey vulnerability and strength through her voice is a testament to her artistry and sets “She’s a Player” apart in the crowded pop music landscape.

The song’s lyrics reveal a narrative of self-discovery and ultimate acceptance. Phillip shares, “I wrote ‘She’s a Player’ about looking to fall in love and found that by finding my own empowerment and ultimate acceptance, I essentially found the greatest love is one from within“. This message of self-love and empowerment resonates throughout the song, sending a powerful and uplifting message to listeners. 

In the end, “She’s a Player” is more than just a song; It is a manifestation of Cooper Phillip’s journey, a celebration of empowerment, and a reminder that music can be a transformative force. As she says herself: “I’m just a free soul with lots of ideas on how to make this world a happier place”.  When you listen to Cooper Phillip, you’re not just enjoying the music; You are embarking on a journey of self-observation and empowerment.

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