How To Collab On a Sex Playlist With Your Boo

Usually when you are hooking up with a stranger, things can get little awkward and quiet so you put on your sex playlist. That’s the classic scenario.

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When you have a regular sex buddy, sometimes sex gets a little boring, unoriginal, and expected. So making a sex mixtape with your babe can make things fun and interesting. If you’re comfortable enough to hang out in the daylight, it shouldn’t be weird for you guys to talk about your turn ons.

My sex playlist would have a lot of Kehlani in it, especially “Gangsta” from Suicide Squad, probably multiple times actually. But a guy might not feel the same way.

How to approach this scenario?

Realness. I would just say, “God having sex to a Ciara song would make me feel like like Ciara. Which makes you a guy who has *almost* had sex with Ciara.” Or just maybe, “Let’s try this free idea to spice things up before we go buy toys and handcuffs!”

Rule #1: Compromise!!

Compromise is key. It has to be a groovy number that works for both of you.

Rule #2: Veto Vote

Give each other one veto vote. Use it on a song that you hate will put you in a bad mood. Also a song makes you think of someone else Is Not Chill.

Rule #3: DJs over BJs

If you’re banging a DJ (which I am) his music cannot be on the playlist. That’s so douchey. Also, just because music “is his life” does not mean he can totally control the playlist.

Rule #4: Think about speed in advance

Maybe make 2 playlists: a “love making” playlist that is slow and soft. A playlist that makes you feel like a grown up. And a “bound and pound” playlist that is fast and hot with a lot of Lil Wayne.

Rule #5: The longer = the better

Length matters (sorry boys) and this also applies to your playlist. Make a long playlist that allows you room to change songs often or put it on shuffle so you do not have to touch your laptop for over an hour.

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