Australian Singer Cloves Swears There’s No Such Thing as ‘KangarUber’

Kaity Dunstan, who performs under the moniker Cloves, is the latest Australian export hitting the global indie scene. She released her debut EP XIII last year, and now can be found at this year’s hottest music festivals, including Coachella and Lollapalooza. Get to know the singer/songwriter’s new music, her favorite Backstreet Boys song, beauty secrets for touring, and let her clear up all your misconceptions about Australians — including all of those rumors about “KangarUbers.”

Tell me a little about yourself. What do you want to let people know about you and your work?

I think I just want people to hear my music and take it for what it is to them in its most honest form. I will never be the one to liken my own music or self to another artist. Right now, I’m just trying to make an album I can personally be proud of and stand behind. It’s important for me that I achieve that, although comparisons are always a huge compliment and I’m grateful for all the artists that have influenced and inspired me.

How did growing up in Australia influence your music? Noisey compared you to Bon Iver, who always sounds like he’s alone writing music in a cabin. Is that how you operate as well?

Growing up in Australia was where I discovered so many different styles and taste of music that helped inform me to decide what and where I wanted to go with my own, but I think I grew up in a generation where we have the option to listen and discover music from anywhere, so my musical influences are not from one place. I did, however, grow up performing in pubs throughout Melbourne, mostly in bands with my sister. It’s where I really learned and experienced performing, singing on stage and songwriting with the bands. As for the cabin thing – writing is very personal for me, so yes. I have a small trusted group of people I collaborate with who are amazingly talented, and bring the best out of me. But overall, yes, I like cabins.

What are some misconceptions that people have about Australians?

Misconceptions are that kangarUBER exists, which involves you “hopping” in to the small pouch of a kangaroo to get to your next bar. Because Australians only drink.

Your hair is perfect. How does that happen for you? What’s your beauty routine like, especially while traveling to different festivals/on tour?

I don’t think it does! Festivals are a nightmare to be honest, because I’m a lazy packer so I never have a hairbrush or enough clothes…I think if you saw those photos you might rephrase your question.

What’s the best and worst part of performing at huge festivals?

I haven’t performed at many yet. I have a lot this year though, including Coachella which I am very excited about, so right now I only see good parts. Unless there’s no gin.

Which pop song would you choose to cover?

“I Want it That Way,” by the Backstreet Boys. Because it’s the Backstreet Boys!

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