Cliff Vmir has been known for his skills as a hairstylist since he was 15 years old, but he now is expanding his empire to music and makeup. We got a chance to talk to Cliff about his upbringing, his gender identity and what’s next for the celebrity hairstylist, makeup artist and musician.


How did you get your start in the industry? Tell us your story.  

As a child I was so infatuated with hair! Anything fringe or stringy has always caught my eye. Once I started getting allowances from doing chores around the house, I would ride my bike over to Kmart and use the gift cards to buy mannequins and I started doing their hair, while hiding them under the bed from my dad.  

My mom and I had an understanding with me doing hair, but my dad wanted me to play sports, so we never saw eye to eye. When my dad did find my mannequins he would throw them away, and I had quite a few of them.  

After school I would turn on my music and practice on my mannequins which was my peace. I did go to a vocational high school for cosmetology, but I’ve been teaching myself since I was about 8 years old.  

My parents end up splitting up because my dad felt like he didn’t want to raise a gay child. I remember when he left, I started charging my friends who wanted me to do my hair so I could help my mom with the bills whenever I could. It was a difficult transition for my mom becoming a single parent and we did end up getting evicted from our home, so for a while I lived with some of my friends.  

During this time, I was still practicing on them by doing their hair, and once my mom got back on her feet, I turned our basement into my hair salon. Within a few months I had so many salons in Delaware reaching out to me at only 14/15 years old. I was scared at first but it ended up working out for me!

You’ve worked with some of the biggest stars in the industry as a hair stylist and makeup artist, what advice would you give to anyone looking to one day do the same? 

I feel like a lot of times people look at someone else’s life and say, “Ooh I want to do that!”, but the key is to always stay humble. Personally, when I get around these new hairstylists, they sometimes get big headed, and it turns me off completely.  

Also always perfect your craft and be willing to learn from others. Standing on business by being punctual is very important. Any celebrity I’ve worked with can vouch that I’m always on time and working diligently to get things done. Hairstylists can get stuck in their ways or think they are celebrities. It’s a lot of pride and ego in this industry as well.  

Not many people have mastered multiple talents like you have with being just as good at makeup as you are with hair. How did you accomplish this? 

Makeup was kinda always in the picture, now was I always good at it? No, but I’ve always taken my time to look polish and do my own makeup. I’ve done Cardi’s makeup a few times at the last minute, or Joseline’s but I’ve always thought makeup and hair goes hand and hand. It’s not that hard but it does take time to perfect as a craft.  

Which skill was more difficult to learn and why? 

I definitely think makeup, mainly because it’s never been my passion. I would never spend all day doing makeup. I can do 5 heads back-to-back and be good but doing one face makes me exhausted. It took time for me to master that skill over the years where doing hair came naturally to me.  

Over the years you’ve lost a lot of weight and have created your dream body. Take us back to this time in your life and talk about what it was like to transform yourself inside and out like you have. 

I just remember when my show on BET came out a few years ago and I was so disgusted seeing myself on camera like that. I used to be really insecure about my weight and what put the icing on the cake was an ex of mine calling me horrible names and feeling in that moment that I wanted to make a change.  

I got my body done 3 times before I got the sleeve because lipo helped my shape, but I kept gaining weight back. So, in 2021 I booked my surgery in Mexico and after getting sick, not being able to keep anything done, passing out, almost 3 years later I feel like it was the best decision I’ve made in my life. It’s one thing to look in the mirror and want to make a change versus actually doing it. I feel and look better, can wear the clothes I’ve always wanted to wear and I’m really happy from my journey. I get a lot of attention now and I feel like my features really show in my face now as well.  

When did you decide to start doing music?  

I would say towards the end of 2019, all my music sounded terrible, and I knew I needed to do artist development so I can be great at everything I do. I studied the history and dynamics of hip hop and from that I was able to work with Saucy Santana, sign a deal and I still haven’t given up on doing music.  

I remember Marlo Hampton told me on my BET show to stick to doing hair and I’m glad I didn’t take her advice because I really do want to become a triple threat in that aspect. Right now, I’m working on being a part of the right label and making sure my team understands my vision and can take me in the direction I need to go. No one is going to go harder for me than myself so I want to be fully independent so I can do everything I can for my music career.  

You’ve dropped singles over the years but have yet to release a full project. Can we expect that anytime soon?  

I have over 100 songs recorded, and I do plan on releasing new music soon. I’m working on features with Anycia and Saucy Santana that I’m excited about!  

This summer you will be a judge at the Hair Education Beauty Summit in New Jersey. Talk to us about this event and what you’re most looking forward to from it.  

The hair competition is a 20k winner takes all prize and I’m excited to see people be creative and seeing other heavy hitters in the hair industry!  

What does being PROUD 2 BE mean to you?  

I feel like you should be who you are no matter what. Sometimes as a person from the LGBTQ+ community we may feel like we need to switch it up for other people. I like to be pretty, dress up but I know I’m a man and never want a woman to feel like I’m competing with them. If you’re a guy and DL it’s 2024 and it’s time to feel comfortable being yourself. I’m always going to stand tall for my community, period.  

You’ve spoken about your gender identity and how you love to look pretty but identify as a gay man. Can you talk to us about your journey of getting to this point in your life with being comfortable in your identity and any advice you have for anyone struggling to do the same?  

No one else can tell you how to feel about yourself. I identify as a man and I’m ok with the attention I get from looking the way I do. I’ve never taken a hormone and I’m not sure if 20 years from now I’ll still be looking and dressing like this, but this is what I’m comfortable doing right now. People should respect however you want to present yourself to the world.

What’s next for Cliff Vmir for the rest of 2024?  

You may see me on tv again very soon. I’m working on getting my products in stores and my main goal is to continue elevating!   


Feature Editor: Taylor Winter Wilson (@taylorwinter)

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