Client-Creator Bonds: Rashelle Stetman’s Secret to Lifelong Relationships

Commissioned art, an intersection of creativity and personal vision, serves as the perfect reflection of the relationship between an artist and their patron. Unlike art that is created for the masses, commissioned pieces are deeply intimate endeavors. The pieces crafted become treasured possessions that encapsulate the stories, emotions, and desires of those who wish their ideas immortalized on canvas.

The task of translating abstract concepts into tangible art pieces is a journey that demands not just exceptional artistic skill but also an innate ability to forge a deep and understanding bond with the client.

For Rashelle Stetman, a Denver-based professional artist renowned for her custom art pieces, each commission is an opportunity to delve into the personal narrative of her clients. In this realm, a canvas is not just a medium for expression but a bridge that connects her artistic vision with people’s intimate life stories.

“People carry so much in their lives, and when you’re tasked with creating art pieces for them – something they’ll treasure forever – it’s a significant responsibility,” she highlights.

With a decade-long career in fine art,  Rashelle has always shown remarkable dedication to her craft. Her philosophy toward her work is rooted not just in authenticity and creative freedom but also in a personal and empathetic connection with her diverse clientele, whom she sees not as mere customers but as partners in their shared journey.

Rashelle believes that the first step towards creating a meaningful piece of art is to understand her clients’ visions thoroughly.  When a client walks through her door, she spends considerable time discussing their ideas, inspirations, and what they hope to express through art.  

“I collaborate with my clients from start to finish. For instance, if someone wants a portrait of their dog that might have passed away, I will ask them to share some memories about the pet so I can envision and grasp its essence accurately,” she says.

Rashelle emphasizes that emotional bonding plays a critical role in her work. Many of her clients, she shares, have come to her wanting to immortalize memories or life-altering experiences. With an unmatched ability to grasp the profound nature of such events, she takes it upon herself to delve deep into these stories to feel the emotions her clients have experienced.

This empathy enables her to create artwork that is not just breathtaking but also emotionally resonant, which, as she points out, further strengthens the bond with her clientele and fosters lasting relationships.

“As an artist, you need to hold space for your clients, be open to any situation, and decide if you’re the right person to take it on. Clients appreciate this level of involvement,” Rashelle says. 

She adds that she has had people break down in tears when seeing the finished piece and that she has shared prayers with some over the phone. “When these things happen – when I become a part of someone’s intimate stories – I am reassured again of my purpose. It’s an indescribable feeling, one that makes me happy and motivates me to do even better.”

Rashelle’s approach to client relationships is not just an effective business strategy, however.  Her emphasis on empathy, collaboration, and connection holds the promise of completely redefining the artist-client dynamic and transforming it from a cold transactional relationship into a heartwarming and enduring partnership.

From exchanging thoughts to engaging in deep discussions, she ensures her clients are invested in every step of the process. This not only allows individuals to feel a sense of ownership over the art being made for them but also enhances the collaborative spirit that is integral to Rashelle’s work.

As Rashelle says, “The beauty of this process is that at the end of it, you don’t just have a satisfied customer, but a lifelong relationship built on trust and shared experiences.”

If you’re interested in exploring commissioned artwork by the skilled Rashelle Stetman, feel free to inquire here.

Photo Credit: Elise Fermin

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