Christina Milian Is About to Slay in the New Rocky Horror Tonight

Galore got Christina Milian all dolled up in a sexy Halloween costume to talk tonight’s premiere of The Rocky Horror Picture Show remake and find out if she’s a trick or a treat.
The remake of The Rocky Horror Picture show is coming out today! Are you excited?
Hell yes! It’s going to be so badass!! If you read Galore, you will love Rocky Horror.
Is it similar to the original or are there some changes?
Very similar to the original. Same script but more colorful.
You play Magenta. Tell us about her: her outfit, her personality, etc.
She is wild. She is voyeuristic and very similar to my personality. She wears a little maid outfit. I loved everything about playing that role.
How are you similar to Magenta and how are you different?
Similar because she is confident and voyeuristic and different because of our hair!
Did you have fun performing the songs with the cast?
Yes, loved it. Great choreography. It was great channeling my musical theater background.
Do you like Halloween? Do you like to go all out?
I love Halloween and yes, I def go all out and dress up. It’s great to be someone else’s character for the night and eat lots of candy.
Did you go treat or treating when you were little?
Yes, I would have garbage bags full of candy.
Do you know what you’re being for Halloween? You don’t have to tell us what!
Yes!! Its a surprise.

Are you a trick or a treat?

Total trick!!
Don’t miss The Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight on Fox at 8/7c!!

Interview & photos by Maddie Cordoba

Makeup by David Rodriguez
Hair by Jameel Anderson
Styling by Gigi Fernandez
Outfit by Dolls Kill

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