Christian García Talks About Oil OverFlow Podcast: “We Deserve Peace, Joy, and Happiness”

Running a podcast is a challenge in itself. For Christian Garcia, it has been, but this risky young man of Latin origin has completed the task with excellent grades.

From his beginnings on X Factor Mexico to touring with pop sensation Meghan Trainor, Christian has established himself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. With over 1.2 million followers on Instagram for his lifestyle, beauty, and fashion content, Christian is no stranger to the spotlight. However, in the first episode of Oil OverFlow Podcast, he shifts the focus from himself to actress and podcast personality Angela Halili (American Horror Story on FX, Girls Gone Bible Podcast) and her co-host of Girls Gone Bible. The three dive into a thought-provoking discussion about fasting and its impact on their relationship with Jesus. 

In addition to his successful career as an influencer, Christian serves as a mental health advocate for the Latin X community through Selena Gomez’s Rare Impact Fund. As he continues to grow his platform and share meaningful conversations with guests in future episodes, listeners can expect more valuable insights into faith and personal growth.

In this interview, Christian speaks about the Oil OverFlow Podcast, a space in which religion, health, motivation, and hope come together to offer useful tools to the public.

Could you share the inspiration behind starting the “Oil OverFlow Podcast”? What led you to create a faith-based podcast?

The motivation/inspiration behind Oil Overflow was having a dream/vision from Jesus and seeing oil being poured over me in a vision. It put a fire in me to start a podcast to show Jesus’ love and his way of speaking to me to others. So they can do the same. 

How do you envision the podcast making an impact in the lives of its listeners, especially considering its focus on faith?

My goal is to make people feel joyful. One of the main reasons why I started the podcast is to have people’s lives transform with the power of the Holy Spirit that changed my guests’ lives and my own. That peace is something promised and it will come it might not be today or next week but if you put your mind to it it will come. Anyone who listens to it to build their hope up in anything they do. 

What specific topics or themes can audiences expect to hear in your podcast episodes, and why are these themes significant to you?

Faith, Relationship advice, Motivation, Spiritual growth, health. All those things I work on myself constantly day by day and that are close to my heart. It’s something we all need so we function and if it’s helped me I want to help people in those areas. Every day is a challenge but when you have someone motivating you it will motivate you more and I want to be a friend in those areas to my viewers. 

As a TV personality, how does the podcasting medium offer a different platform for you to express your thoughts and connect with your audience?

It’s way different than just being on camera. It’s like hanging with thousands of friends. The messages I get on social media that it’s helped them in many ways have filled me up with so much joy! This is a great way to get unfiltered with my friends on social media. You can listen to it on the way to school, gym, or work it feels like we are on a phone call! So it’s another level of connecting with friends. 

Faith-based content can sometimes be divisive. How do you plan to navigate discussions that may challenge different beliefs or opinions in your podcast?

I strongly believe that we deserve peace, joy, and happiness and the goal at the end of the day is to share with my friends that Jesus loves everyone, even if you don’t know of Jesus or believe in the peace and joy I believe in that everyone deserves to feel happy and joyful! That is universal! Love and Joy!

What unique elements or personal experiences do you bring to the “Oil OverFlow Podcast” that set it apart from other faith-based shows?

That everyone’s soul should be well. It comes from experiences from having joy instantly, peace instantly. Deliverance is not talked about much in the church, like in the episode with my brother JJ Barraza, churches make it feel like it’s taboo but it’s not it’s healing in the soul. Every guest that I have had a supernatural encounter it’s something that hasn’t been done yet on a podcast that focuses more on spiritual life and keys to how to build that spiritual life. Not a look warm relationship with Jesus but in the river with Jesus. Fully!

How do you plan to ensure that the content of the podcast appeals to a wide audience while maintaining its faith-based essence?

Everyone deserves to feel happy and joyful with themselves, my goal is to be that friend to everyone that anything is possible. if you don’t believe in spirituality I want to be your friend who pushes you to reach your goals and joy! 

Could you share any insights into the process of creating and curating content for the podcast, and how you plan to keep it engaging and authentic?

Everything that I film is not planned. I show up to the podcast studio and ask the Holy Spirit what I should talk about! And the Spirit moves and takes over the podcast. Everything is organic. Shout-out to the team at Mood who has helped me so much with this project, all brothers in Christ! Who makes it feel like I’m just with a group of brothers hanging with.  

What are your aspirations for the future of the “Oil OverFlow Podcast,” and how do you see it evolving over time?

My goal is to have a studio audience and pray and have people ask questions on topics that the Holy Spirit has me bring up and bounce back with my friends all in a filming session would be amazing as well as have it translated into all the languages in the world! Have on as many people who have encountered the Holy Spirit in a beautiful way.

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