Kim K’s Hair Stylist Chris Appleton Explains How To Pick Your Weekend Wig

Whether you love them or hate them, it’s no secret that the Kardashians tend to break the internet and start serious trends.

When it comes to hair, they’re no exception. 

Remember when Kim told us that having wet-look hair was cool again? How about when she shook everyone at Paris Fashion Week by debuting a platinum blonde look?

The mastermind behind Kim’s hair transformations, not to mention the hair of your other favorite celebs (Ariana Grande and Jlo, to name a few), is none other than Chris Appleton

We talked to the celeb hair guru all about how he got to be stylist to the stars, how to pick the perfect wig, and his favorite hair products for the bombshell look. 

Hat: Hollywood Hatters
Shirt: Sandro 
Pant: 7 for all Mankind 
Ring: Tacori 

How did you get into the beauty and hair industry?

At the age of eight I was fascinated by the way you could make someone look and feel by [giving them] good hair. 

I was nine years old when I would try and make my mum look like a Hollywood movie star. I got a job in a hair salon at the age of 13 and knew that I wanted to know every aspect of hair. I won hairdresser of the year and that was a catapult to new opportunities. 

What 5 products do you swear by to get the bombshell look this summer?

  1. DREAM COAT Anti-Humidity Hair Treatment
  2. Mason and Pearson Hair Brush
  3. Blax Hair Elastics
  4. Dyson Hair Dryer
  5. Color Wow Pop & Lock Gloss Treatment

You work with all of our favorite queens — from Ariana to J.lo. What song is your go-to this summer?

Megatron by Nikki Minaj is on repeat at the minute.

How did you start doing Kim K’s hair? Let’s talk about some of the fun transformations you’ve been doing with her. 

I first worked with Kim and did the blunt side parted wig on her. Everyone went crazy for it and we just started creating looks with one another. Kim is the kindest, most humble person. I love working with her. She is my hair muse. A few amazing fave moments would be the glass hair trend we started in Paris, the frosted neon hair in Miami. [We] literally made neon green the new black, neon green was sold out in LA as it became the new it colour. The icy blonde moment was a fave. It was so different for Kim and everyone wanted to know how she got so blonde. I still get asked today what color we used to get the look. My most recent fave was the Met Ball look. It was new and felt classic but with a modern twist, like she had just stepped out of the ocean.

Tell us about your wig closet. How many do you have? Do they have names? 

I have wigs on wigs, the wig closet I have is endless. I have every coloured wig you can imagine. I call them “The Girls.” Each one grows a name once they come in to play. 

Tell our readers how to pick the perfect wig for the weekend. 

First of all, get a vibe. Decide who you wanna be, what story do you wanna tell. Glam puss? Cool girl? Decide if you wanna break the internet or just be cute. Once you get the vibe, commit to it and make sure your wig is laid. Always try and get a wig with lace that matches your skin tone. That will make a big difference. 

Any advice you would give your 16 year old self?

Just believe in yourself and know that hard work pays off. Don’t be afraid of a “no” and always explore new opportunities. 

Any advice for girls who want to get into celebrity hairstyling?

Use your Instagram as a platform to show who you are and what you’re about. Show people your strengths and passions. More people are looking than you know. Jlo booked me from seeing my work with Rita Ora on instagram. She didn’t follow me, but people are always watching.

What’s one quote you live by?

Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.

What does Pride mean to you?

Living your best life, [the life] most authentic to you. Telling the world, “this is who I am and I’m proud of it.”

Hat: Hollywood Hatters
Shirt: All Saints
Jeans: J-Brand
Scarf: Vintage 
Rings: Tacori 
Shoe: Thursday Boot 

Photos by @vijatm

Fashion Stylist: David Gangel for The Only Agency 

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