This Chic French Beauty Brand Will Make You Look Bomb Without Makeup

This fall, beauty is all about stripping back the 900 layers of contour we’ve all grown accustomed to over the last few years, and letting our real skin shine through. In other words: no-makeup makeup is making a major comeback.

Of course, in order to break your makeup addiction, you might need some serious skincare to make sure your glow is on point. And we’ve been slowly discovering that French brand Caudalie is the answer to all your complexion problems.

Recently, I went over to the new opening of Caudalie spa at the Westfield World Trade Center location and it honestly was such a relaxing and refreshing experience. The head aesthetician there, Regine Berthelot, gave me the best facial I’ve ever had. She also gave me some great tips and tricks to keep my skin looking fresh and glowing on the daily.

Regine is the director of spa Caudalie and she has been with Caudalie for over eight years and an esthetician for over 33 years. She also recommended some skincare tips: cleanse morning and night with a foaming cleanser. Use face oil to remove your makeup; it won’t make you more oily. Exfoliate and then use a penetrating mask once a week.

For my facial, we used Caudalie’s vinoperfect serum to brighten and lighten my skin while evening its color and texture. It also evens out imperfections while giving a beautiful glow. We also used a detox oil and grape water, which felt amazing.

I also asked Regine a few questions on behalf of readers everywhere who want to know how to pare down their makeup routine while taking care of their skin.

What do you want people to take away from the Caudalie experience? The most important thing?

I think the fact of relaxing and especially in this little capsule and with us rushing in the mall but being able to take an hour or half an hour for yourself. Just the fact of laying down relaxes you and our touches are done in a special way it gets you to relax with movements that are more round and relaxing and then the products give you the beautiful glow.

For the people who don’t have a professional aesthetician at home, what is the key to get the full effect at home?

If you cleanse, tone, and moisturize on a daily base and then exfoliate and mask on the weekly then you are good.

What’s your favorite thing about Caudalie and/or favorite product?

Well I fell in love with Caudalie because of the beauty elixir, which I think is many people’s favorite product. I am in awe now that we are able to launch a beauty elixir facial because we were inspired by the Asian techniques. With Mathilde moving to Hong Kong last year and now Jason Wu redressing the bottle of the beauty elixir this year it has been such a fun collaboration. This beauty elixir facial is all about compression, hot and cold, stretching, basically the yin and the yang.

Any tips and tricks to using the products at home?

A very big tip with the Caudalie products is that a little goes a long way. That will be very different from any other brands I have used in the past. With these they’re very concentrate and potent in the way of being effective. Once you start using it on your face you will see a difference after the first time.

After you did my facial today my face felt amazing and light. When I use other products on my face it feels heavy and I don’t feel clean. I feel like my skin is actually able to breathe. The products seems more natural and doesn’t have all the chemicals.

Yes, yes, yes! Everything is very light, most of the products specifically the serums are oil-free. You put a little on and it doesn’t feel like you have anything on. You’re treating your skin from the inside out instead of having products sit on the surface.

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