Chel’s Making Music For the #BodyPosi Movement

Meet Chel. As an up-and-coming singer who’s currently popping under the radar, she released a debut album, Proof, last December. Although you have yet to hear a radio host utter her name, she has extremely danceable grooves that are bound to get you outta your bed for your morning routine. If you don’t believe me, her jams aren’t just another empowerment song: they are born to make you have a better relationship with being #bodyposi.

Since you were young, you’ve struggled with body issues. Why have you chosen to channel it into your music?

Singing was never a question to me. This drive to write and sing music made me stronger and forced me to look in the mirror and decide what was important. It took loving myself to realize it wasn’t my weight that was holding me back. It was my fear of acceptance. I knew I had to have music as a central theme to my life, so when I decided to love what I saw in the mirror, I knew that I could share that love through my music and on stage.

Who are your favorite singers?

That is such a difficult question because I love so many different genres of music. My parents introduced me at a young age to Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin. [T]hey are always on my list, but[,] I also love the music of Elton John and Freddie Mercury.

You grew up in Springfield, but you moved out to St. Louis. What made you want to move out there as opposed to Los Angeles?

I went to college in St. Louis and that is when I started writing and performing my own music. There is an incredibly vibrant music scene in the city and I was lucky enough to make some great friends and have had some amazing opportunities.

Do you have any plans to move out to Los Angeles in the future?

I plan on moving to Los Angeles as soon my tour with David Correy ends, probably in early May. Los Angeles is the epicenter for the type of music I am creating and I need to be in the middle of it! New adventures await!

You have two super hot singles called “Call Me What You Want” and “Feeling Good” from your debut album, Proof. How did those songs happen?

“Feeling Good” was the first song I wrote for the album. I had just come through a bad break up and I woke up one morning and I just felt great for the first time in a long time. So, I ran to the studio and wrote “Feeling Good”!

The story behind “Call Me What You Want” is a little bit funny. I had a guy who I unfortunately gave my number to one day. He would not stop calling me and texting me, so writing the song seemed like a pretty good way to send him the message, which I believe he got.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve encountered when writing a song like “Grasp”?

I think the biggest challenge in writing a song like “Grasp” is being vulnerable and allowing yourself to feel all those emotions that you had tried to put away and to do it for public view.

You once said that there’s power in loving who you are. When did you realize this and what is your advice for girls who are going through body image issues?

Here is my advice: block it out of your mind when people are telling you that you can’t achieve your dream. Hold onto the belief that you can. Keep people around you who believe in you, expel the ones who don’t. Embrace who you are and know that life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Keep going when it gets really hard. Once you learn to crush your fear, I truly feel you are invincible.

What are a few things that no one knows about you?

I am a night owl and I like to binge watch different television series late into the evening, and am also an adrenaline junkie. I have been skydiving, parasailing and bungee jumping.

I’m so excited for you as you will be touring the East Coast with David Correy! How does he know about you and why do want to work with him?

David Correy is an incredibly talented artist with a sound that meshes well with mine. He also happens to be a seriously nice guy. We got introduced through our agents and decided that it would work for both of us to tour together. It has been an experience of a life time!

What can we anticipate for your tour?

Great music, of course! You can expect a super fun set and to be wowed by David Correy’s voice. Let me be the first to tell you, it’s a must hear.

We tend to write so many goals, yet we want to achieve each one at the same time. Which goal do you hope to achieve this spring?

Going on tour with David Correy achieves a huge goal for me. Moving to Los Angeles, making more songs and videos and introducing my music to as many people as possible. My music carries a powerful, positive message that comes from my heart and my own experience. Look in the mirror. Love what you see. Chase your dreams. Life is short. Let go and feel good.

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