Charlie Puth On Loving ‘The Notebook’ & Finding His Dream Girl

Heartthrob Charlie Puth is the mastermind behind some of your favorite tracks from 2015. He became well known after his record with Wiz Khalifa, “See You Again,” went platinum, and it’s been only up from there.

Galore got personal with our ultimate man crush with questions about love, dating, and his advice for the ladies. Find out what turns Charlie on, below.

Three words to describe your dream girl.

Thoughtful, Humble, and Independent.

What about your ideal date night?

Casual, delicious, and uh let’s say casual times two. Is it weird that I don’t love extremely thought out dates? It’s more fun to keep it casual.

What’s your biggest turn on?

A girl who makes decisions for me. Because I’m so indecisive and I go back and forth so many times that I want someone to tell me “this is what you have to do, this is what’s gonna benefit you.” I think that’s a big turn on.

What movie would you want to be your reality?

What’s that scene in the Notebook when Ryan has his shirt off and it’s raining? Probably everybody’s answer. I want be like Ryan in that scene, with my shirt off, glistening in the rain, abs, save the day, and with the girl. I need to be careful abut what I say regarding dream girls, because I run into a lot of them.

Three things not to do on a date?

Don’t talk about yourself the entire time. It makes me feel special when I’m included too. Don’t gossip, don’t talk bad about people, especially people I may know. With me, I won’t eat anything that will show in my teeth. And definitely not over eat, because I get so excited with food that I’ll show my bad table manners.

What does being in love mean to you?

Being in love to me is when someone can calm me down. I tend to be very crazed and when I have a bunch of things to do I get overwhelmed. But when I think of that girl just once and it calms me down to make everything okay, just that mere thought of her, then I know I’m in love.  

Best advice to give a girl who is trying to get your attention?

Be yourself, don’t think that there’s a certain way you have to act! You, uniquely you, will get my attention.

Define a fuckboy.

Someone who’s just inconsiderate of the other party. Girls are really interesting and it can lead to a really cool conversation! I think that they might be labeled as that though because they are nervous and dont want to admit it or something. There’s no room for that though, it’s never an excuse.

What’s your favorite feature in a woman?

When she has confidence in herself. And I truly mean that. It completely shows, and if a girl has no reason to be insecure, but she is — it makes me less attracted to her. I want to show someone how good she is.

Have you been dating recently?

Recently, I have not because I’ve been on tour and focusing on that. I haven’t come across too many girls, but if I date someone I have to be all in, that’s kinda how I roll.

Song of choice in the bedroom?

I have a weird obsession with early 90’s R&B. Theres this playlist on called the “Bedroom” playlist with these songs from smaller artists and they’re usually super cool. Actually, I wrote and produced a record for Trey Songz, “Slow Motion,” and it came on once, which was awkward. So, by accident, I’ve hooked up to my own music. I was just kind of laughing to myself. The girl could totally tell from the expression on my face.

Last bit of advice for landing the perfect significant other?

Girls like music, if you play music, sing a song, that usually works for me. Someone actually needs to give me dating advice! I’m still looking for that dream girl.

Photos by Olivia Vigo.

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