Charlie Barker is Generation Y’s Answer to the It Girl

Meet Charlie Barker, who is featured in our newest Girl Cult issue, and the modeling industry’s next big thing. 

Although she started out as a fashion blogger and artist, her stylish ways are what really helped Charlie gain her almost half a million following between Instagram and Twitter.

We talked to Charlie all about her favorite things right now, and some of her inspirations that influence her unique look.

Leather Jacket: Hand Painted by Charlie | Top: Mimi Wade | Skirt and Shoes: Rocket Vintage

You’re Generation Y’s answer to the ItGirl: model, artist and queen of social media. How would you describe yourself in three words? 

Audacious, efficient, innovative 

…and how would you describe your style?

Mess! But experimental. 

Fave place to shop in London? 

East end thrift store. 

Fave place to go in London?


Any major style-crushes?

Sex Pistols. 

How about girl-crushes?

Alessandra Kurr, she’s a film director and she’s got the fire 

What makes you feel powerful?

When people appreciate what I do and compliment my work. 

On that note, if you were the Queen for the day, what would you do?

Make selfies illegal for the day just for the lols and ensure everyone has a roof over their head and 3 meals a day. 

Best piece of advice for gals?

Do things to please yourself and no one else. 

Any last words? 

I love u Willow Smith. 

Top: Dilara Findikoglu | Trousers: Mimi Wade

Top: Caitlin Price | Jacket: The Ragged Priest | Trousers: Dilara Findikoglu | Choker: Atsuko Kudo | Shoes: Converse Painted By Charlie

Dress: Mimi Wade | Belt: Rocket Vintage | Jacket: The Lazy Ones | Shoes: Rocket Vintage | Choker: Atsuko Kudo

Interview: Sian Toolan

Photography: Kieran Fenney

Stylist: Kieran Feeney

Hair & Makeup: Robyn Fitzsimons

Assistant: Suitanee Dee

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