How You Can Steal Hailey Knox’s Tour Style

Hailey Knox is pretty much living every girl’s dream.

At only 18 years old, the New York native singer/songwriter spent the last few months opening for heartthrob Charlie Puth on the We Don’t Talk tour, has gained recognition from superstar names like Meghan Trainor and has quite a buzz around her new EP, A Little Bit Awkward.

I first saw Hailey at one of the We Don’t Talk tour dates back in October where she rocked an embroidered denim jacket, black skinny jeans and ankle boots. I instantly fell in love with her bubbly stage persona and unique onstage style. Being the concert junkie that I am, I was super interested in her process of putting outfits together for tour.  Luckily, Hailey was nice enough to sit down with me and share some of her tour style secrets.

Plus, I even got you a few options on how you can steal an embroidered jacket just like hers.

Walk me through the process of picking out outfits for tour. How do you begin to put your ensembles together?

Well I have a stylist who helps me, her name’s Jenny, and we kind of created a mood board of colors and just things that I like wearing. I tend to wear a lot of black, I like lace stuff, I like chokers. But it’s cool that we have this mood board thing. She will kind of pick out a few clothing pieces and I kind of I guess put the outfits together from what she’s given me. So from the mood board we kind of create these cool outfits. I like boho-chic kind of stuff. But I wear a lot of jeans. Some days I like to be more casual and others I’ll wear a cool dress. And I like high heels.

 Is there anything that you try to embody onstage or is it more based on your personal style?

I think it’s a combination of both because I mean sometimes I’ll wear my more comfortable shoe onstage. It all depends on how I’m feeling that night, if I wanna go all out and dress like crazy. I think I’m still kind determining my overall look. I’ve been wearing like crazy high over the knee boots. Have you ever heard of Lennon and Maisy? They’re this duo and Lennon has this really cool style and I just I love her overall aesthetic.

Where do you typically shop for tour outfits? Do you like to shop for brand names or go to boutiques and thrift shops?

Again It’s like both. We’re right by Marshall’s so I love going to Marshall’s and getting cool tops and interesting shoes. I just got this cool pair of Steve Madden boot heals. I love Free People, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 is always awesome, Zara, I love them. I just found this new store Anthropology, they have a lot of cool patterned clothing and some amazing pieces that I love. It was cool, I was in Orlando and we were right in the middle of Disney and my tour manager and I found this little place, it was Anthropology and they just have such amazing clothes. It’s a cool new store that I’ve found.

What are some essential pieces that you must have with you on the road? 

I mean my phone * laughs *. But clothing wise, I have this high pair of boots that lace up and they have this brownish tone to them. They’re this really awesome pair of shoes that I just love and I’ve probably worn them to about 70% of the shows. I just love my lace up boots, they go with everything.

How do you pack for a tour without repeating the same outfit again and again?

I mean with I think with the pieces that I’ve chosen and put together I can kind of wear one top with a different skirt, a lot of the clothes can be worn with different things. You can switch them up. This denim skirt I have goes with all the tops. I think dress wise, I wore one dress twice. I guess just kind of not doing the same outfit every night. If I do have something I really love, I will wear it twice but I’ll spread it out and not wearing it two nights in a row.

Your style has a bit of vintage feel to it. Is there a certain era or decade that you draw fashion inspiration from?

I think it’s more from being on Instagram and Twitter and seeing really cool and interesting things that models and people are wearing like Gigi Hadid and Madison Beer, they just have really awesome style. That specific jacket from that night (from the We Don’t Talk tour), I was traveling to LA and it was for a People party and I ended up coming across this awesome store, Social Butterfly I believe it’s called, and I just saw that jacket outside and I was like wow that’s such a cool jacket and I love the butterfly print, because I love butterflies, so I was like I just have to get this! They had a lot of cool things in that store.

Do you ever get fashion inspiration from your fans? 

You know its funny the meet and greets go by super quick, but I totally check it (the clothes) out. A lot of people I notice wear converse a lot, I used to always wear converse. I mean for stage, I’m pretty short so I like my heels but a lot of the kids or teens or adults that I’ve met, converse is always a big thing. I remember always seeing people wear converse. I guess they’re good shoes to wear to concerts, they’re comfortable. But for me onstage I like to wear heels because I’m pretty short.

Lastly, Do you feel that your fashion sense is a reflection on your music? 

Yeah I think so. Once I go up onstage, I tend to kind of dress I guess more dressy but I always like to throw on a sweatshirt as soon as I go back to the green room. I actually have Charlie Puth’s hoodie, I bought his little Charlie Puth hoodie so I love wearing that. I just like to wear what I’m feeling the night of. If I wanna go with my crazy boots, which I normally do. And throwing on a huge sweatshirt over whatever the heck I’m wearing is always awesome to me.

Steal Hailey’s Style:

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Photos By Keri Dolan

Follow Hailey on Instagram: @haileyknoxmusic


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