Frank Ocean Just Dropped A New Visual Album

Frank Ocean fans, get ready to freak out.

After starting a mysterious stream on his website at the start of the month, Frank Ocean left fans cold without the release of his long-awaited second album Boys Don’t Cry.

Frank has just reappeared on the stream, constructing what looks like a winding staircase. But while you can watch him build his fab jungle gym, you can also listen to brand new Frank Ocean music, which is currently soundtracking the stream.

It could well be Boys Don’t Cry streaming in full. We literally have no idea. Head over to Frank’s site to watch and listen. And stay tuned for further developments.

[UPDATE] Frank Ocean just released a 45 minute visual album titled Endless but there is more. Rolling Stone has confirmed with Apple that Frank’s long-awaited album Boys Don’t Cry will be released this weekend and is a separate project from Endless.

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