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Callie Wilson is here and has no plans on slowing down. The former Law school student has shifted gears and took a leap of faith into the pool of content creation. Callie has garnered over 1 Million followers on her Tiktok and already has gained over 100 Million likes with ease, a term she’s coined with her new podcast Living with Ease. Callie has created her own community driven by positively. We chat with Callie on her rise to fame, her Podcast and what’s next for the rising star.

Featured Interview:

Tell us about Living with ease podcast and where does that stem from?

I started my podcast, Living With Ease, because I wanted a platform where I could get more vulnerable, open, and honest, with my besties than ever before. While I have always kept it very real on Tiktok, I felt there was still a side of me that my followers hadn’t gotten to know through 60 second videos. Throughout my life, I have made so many stupid mistakes and learned so much from said stupid mistakes – so I wanted Living With Ease to be an outlet where I can share my past failures and lessons I’ve learned along the way. If my younger self could hear that you can do drugs, fail classes, almost drop out of college – and still turn out okay, it would have been such a huge comfort to me. It’s super rewarding to now be able to share those stories and give comfort to my besties. I never want anyone to feel alone and Living With Ease gives me the opportunity to make sure my followers don’t have to feel alone.

How did you gain such a large TikTok presence and any advice for aspiring TikTok queens?

I think a lot of social media presence comes with luck. It’s still so weird to me that I have grown this following, but I am forever thankful for it. I started posting in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, when I was at my parents house super isolated, lonely, and bored. I have always been such a youtube vlog girly, but I never thought I would put myself out on social media because I found it embarrassing and I was worried what other people who knew me would think. I forced myself to get over that and just started posting. The first three months I literally cringed everyday and felt like everyone in my personal life was making fun of me – and I’m sure some were – but I am so glad i posted through the embarrassment because posting silly videos on my phone has quite literally changed my life. It definitely takes a lot of trial and error to figure out your niche when I first started posting, I posted cringy thirst traps that make me want to die looking back on hahaha. Then I slowly switched to vlogs and after a lot of consistency it started to take off. I think my one advice to any aspiring tiktok queen is to just post what you want to post!!! Don’t care what other people might think or say and just go for it because you never know what might come of it.

After passing the bar you decided to give up law what made you want to go full force on TikTok?

I lost a lot of passion for law and practicing as a lawyer throughout my law school journey. A lot of people think that I had this plan all along to just “throw my law degree away” and become an influencer, but when I started law school I didn’t even know what TikTok was. During my second year of law school, I started posting on tiktok and it started to take off, but I never expected it to become a full time career. I remember my dad joking that he would be very impressed if I made $500 from the app. It turned out to be a lot more lucrative than that – and more lucrative than any legal position I would assume after graduating law school. It was a scary choice going full time – and definitely came with a lot of outside judgment – but it kind of just made sense.I truly would not be in this position if it was not for my besties always supporting me. It’s not to say I will never practice law – which I I made sure to still pass the bar and am in the process of tying up lose ends to get sworn in – but I don’t plan to practice anytime soon. I will never regret going to law school because it got me to where I am today. I think we really need to normalize changing your mind and your path. It is totally okay to decide you want to do something else with your life. There is such a shame attached to not following through with how the storyline “should go”, but you really never know where life will take you. I’m still in my 20’s, lost, and just trying to figure out my life and my purpose – day by day.

How are you protecting your mental health in 2024?

I have come have very far in my mental health journey this past year. I have always struggled with anxiety and OCD which has reflected greatly in my personal life and relationships. I have a pretty bad track record of letting toxic people who do not deserve my energy consume my time. With the new year, I have really worked on letting those people go and setting healthy boundaries for myself.

Tell us what is Callie Core?

Callie core really boils down to three things – bikinis, the messy women, and taco bell. Men are always allowed to be boys, but girls are always expected to be women. Especially as a women with a larger chest, I have always felt sexualized whether I’m in a turtle neck or a bikini. This always surprises people, but my boobs have always been my biggest insecurity. That being said, over the years, I have learned to own sexuality and be proud of the body I have. Especially as a women in law school, this came with great judgment, but I do not think as women, we should be judged for what we wear or how we look. The messy women (aka cleo and luna aka my 2 kitties) are my entire life. They truly bring me so much comfort, and in my darkest times, they comfort me with zero judgment. I love that they have become so adored on Tiktok – I feel like such a proud mom. It it so funny – whenever I meet a bestie in person, they bring up how much they love the girls. It warms my heart as I really do think of them as my daughters. Taco bell is my favorite restaurant in the whole entire world. I always joke with my mom that I am made of taco bell – when my mom was pregnant with me, she ate a 7 layer burrito almost everyday. (still mourning the loss of the 7 layer burrito being removed from their menu). I grew up vegetarian – both my parents were vegetarian when i was born – and taco bell is one of the only fast food restaurants that provides such a broad vegetarian menu.

What is your 2024 plan?

I have definitely been going through my quarter life crisis (right on time, as it started right when I turned 25). At 26, I always imagined I would have my life entirely figured out, but that is just not the reality. I still struggle everyday with the expectations I cast upon myself, as well as figuring out my true purpose. At a
young age, I drew a life plan that involved me being married and settled down by The outlook is not looking too great – as I am still very single and lost (hahaha). In 2024, I plan to give myself more grace. I tend to be very hard on myself which backfires because then I panic and become unproductive. While I have many exciting plans and goals for this year, I want to go easy with myself on my expectations and learn to truly live in the present moment. I have wasted so many hours worrying about the past, the what ifs, and the could have beens.

What is your favorite NYC Restaurant?

My favorite NYC restaurant is Sola (now A pasta bar) in Soho. I discovered it with my mom when we were touring law schools in the city. Not only does it have great pasta that they make in front of you at the counter, it has a cozy and eclectic vibe. They always have a DJ playing fun music, with warm lighting, and
cozy seating.

What is your favorite beauty item of 2024 so far?

My favorite beauty item of 2024 is the charlotte tilbury wonder glow primer. I have super dry and often dull skin, and it is such a hydrating and glowy primer, which are characteristics of beauty products I tend to gravitate to. I often wear it on it’s own, to provide my skin with a subtle glow for running errands, etc.

What makes a boss babe?

I have always been someone who relies on others for external validation. Until my recent years of being single. I did not know how to truly be happy on my own and enjoy my own company. I think a “boss babe” is anyone who can be comfortable in their own skin and comfortable on their own. I have learned the heard way it is so much more important to learn to be your own best friend, rather than seek a relationship for comfort and validation.

What is this situationship with Lil Wayne and explain the butt tattoo?

I got tunechi tattooed on my butt at a college party when I was drunk my freshman year and my friend had a tattoo gun.  The tattoo was a teenage mistake and the rest is history!

Are you currently single and if so how would you describe your ideal partner?

I am currently on my fourth year of being single. I am and always have been very much a relationship girl. If you would have told my 2019,  post breakup self, that I would go through such a long bout of being single, I would have lost my mind. That being said, in reflection, these four years have forced me to grow into the independent and self sufficient women I am so proud to be today. I tend to find myself in toxic and love lacking relationships. My ideal partner is someone who is always there for me, to make me laugh, wipe my tears, support me, and provide me comfort. I have never experienced a relationship where I just felt comfortable and safe, and I do not plan on entering another one until I find the person who provides that feeling for me.

What song is your mantra for 2024?

My mantra for 2024 is the song Give it up by Don toliver – you can find it on soundcloud!

How is your creativity going to disrupt the podcast and tik tok space this year?

I pride myself in always being authentic and real on social media. I would never want anyone to listen to my podcast, watch my tiktoks, or view my youtube vlogs and feel bad about themselves. I think the toxic part of the social media world is that everyone feels the pressure to display only the highlights of their life. While sometimes I may regret how much I overshare, I want to make my besties feel less alone and know that I am always right there with them, making the same embarrassing mistakes and going through the same highs and lows that come with life.

Who are your Shereos?

Not to sound cliche, but I think my “shereo” is my mom. She has always shown and taught me to be the strong and independent woman I am today no matter what adversity I face. My mom is the strongest woman I know and I am so grateful to have her as my role model.

What is next on your superstar journey?

2023 brought a lot of uncertainty and discomfort to me. It was my first year as a full time influencer, facing the judgment of not pursuing a legal career path and now following the storyline that was already written for me. With this, I became inconsistent in my posting, felt ashamed to share my life, and lacked the growth on social media I so desired. This coming year, I would like to make a full comeback on Tiktok and Youtube and the like, without feeling the deep rooted shame thrown upon me from random people on the internet. I am feeling so positive and excited about the new year – this is just the beginning. 


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