Cali brand Creative Recreation’s new sneaker line will fit any aesthetic

Now that we’re in the golden age of athleisure, sneakers are basically the coolest thing since sliced bread. Sorry, sliced gluten-free bread.

And California brand Creative Recreation just launched a new line of sneakers that everybody can get down with, whether you’re more of a sporty spice, or if it’s strictly the poshest life for you.

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Partnering with rising artists like our fav, rapper Leaf, Creative Recreation’s new campaign is all about the hustle.

These are shoes you can wear all day that’ll make you stand out without killing your feet.

Shoes you can wear when you’re being professional during the day, but are still lit enough to go to that super hush-hush party that guy you hooked up with last week invited you to at night.

Peep some of Creative Recreation’s new shoes below as modeled by our girl Leaf.

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What are you waiting for? Buy your own pair now.

And girls, let your bf know Creative Recreation sells men’s shoes too. Don’t let him keep wearing his wack ass pair of sneakers from three years ago. Tell him, either they go, or you go.

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