Buy these 10 pieces to rock the country chic trend

Listen up, girls! Cowgirl chic is officially happening (as predicted in our April shoot with Simihaze above, thank u very much!).

Long relegated to TV, music videos, performances, Halloween and movies, the Western look is something that you need to rock right now.

While the aesthetic is super nostalgic thanks to your grandma’s favorite old Western flicks, the trend is back in style and giving us major Westworld vibes. Not to mention, your faves like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga have incorporated country-inspired lewks into their closet. The big question is, how can you wear it IRL?

The answer is simple: look at how everyone from the VS Angels, Miley Cyrus and Gigi Hadid rock it! While having a celebrity budget is beyond our imagination, you can start wearing the country-inspired trend with these 10 essentials.

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1. The Country Cutie Backpack

Sugar Thrillz Saloon Star Backpack – $38

Fake a countryside vacation look by purchasing this backpack! It’s cute, ridiculously wearable and it can go with anything. Whether it be with cutoff shorts and a plain white tee, the deets in this backpack can make your look #ootd worthy. Believe me, you will never regret it.

2. The Shoes You Made From Your Grandma’s Velvet Curtains

E8 by Miista Ula Black Embroidered Boots – $99 GBP 

Do you remember the time when you last visited your grandma? The only memorable part of her house is prolly her ugly velvet curtain, which she’s kept for the past 40 years. As much you want to hate that dang curtain, the sweetness of childhood nostalgia is back again thanks to E8’s velvet boots! On-trend and very chic, these embroidered velvet boots can elevate your lewk. Pair this with a denim jacket, midi dress and a hat for a Miley inspired outfit!

3. The “I’m an Instagram Celebrity!” Jeans

Revice Venus Flares – $98

When you were little, I’m sure you probably hopped around the house in your favorite cowboy boots, which had little star cutouts smack dab in the middle of the shaft. While the deets are small, you’ve learned that lesson that they are super duper important to making any lewk hot! Instead of having the star in the middle of your shoe, Revice puts it on top of your booty for that ultimate butt lift. It’s a daring look, but you GOT to try it.

4. The Shorts That Jessie Would’ve Loved

Bad Vibes Rebel, Rebel Cowabunga Moto Shorts – $95

Sorry, Victoria’s Secret. Jessie from Toy Story 2 called dibs on making the cowgirl aesthetic hot as eff first. Way more practical than wearing *ahem* assless chaps, these cow print shorts are EVERYTHING you want in your damn closet. Leg-lengthening, booty-flattering and super snatched, these bad babies are not afraid to make a statement for you. Pair these with a Britney-style floral crop top, hoop earrings, thigh-high boots and a fringed leather jacket.

5. The YSL Goes To The Rodeo Cowboy Boots

The Luv Bandit Cowboy Boots – $75

Who says that an outfit must not consist of more than one trend? Thank the goddesses at Dolls Kill for solving this problem. Packed with high-fashion DNA, this YSL-inspired take on cowboy boots makes this design super iconic. Sitting high on the thighs, the slouchiness of these boots give it an extra wearability factor. Pair this with a thotty black party dress and you’re good to go! Just be sure to squeeze in that #ootd shot before the night ends.

6. The “Welcome to Westworld” Dress

Topshop Floral Lace Strappy Back Dress – $130

OK, I am addicted to Westworld and I am ridiculously stoked for season 2! While the outfits on that show are generally kinda boring, I wish that Dolores could’ve worn this while going on a date with Teddy. It’s SO innocent, yet ridiculously sexy. While prairie-esque dresses are generally not date-friendly, rock out some gold jewelry, berry-stained lips and high heels. Your mom will be very proud!

7. The Jeans Every VS Model Wishes She Had In Her Closet

Jaded London Festival Denim Chaps – $103

Need to cop the model off duty lewk without wasting away half your rent money? You can snatch a good dupe from Jaded London! While these chap jeans don’t show your bare booty, they highlight the best of what your mama gave you. It’s clearly obvious as to why Elizabeth Sulcer, the stylist for VS, had to pull out more than one pair of chaps for the lingerie company’s holiday shoot! Pair this with a gold charm necklace and a sleeveless cropped high neck collar lace top for that ultimate Angel-esque lewk.

8. The Hat That Can Cover Your Dye Job

7 for All Mankind Las Cruces Cowboy Hat – $78

Too lazy to go back to the salon for that much-needed touch up? Hide your roots with this super chic hat! Believe me, growing ’em out is a gnarly process, but at least you won’t have a bad hair day anymore.

9. The Bad Bish Boho Babe Belt

B-Low the Belt Gaucho Waist Belt – $89

Forever inspired by the 2000s? You can take a little slice of throwback heaven with this badass hip belt. It’s SO 2005 to wear belts slung low at the hip, but it’s so 2017 when you rock this with a vintage Gunne Sax dress and sneakers! Although this is a waist belt, you can buy it one size bigger for that ultimate OG 2000s boho vibe. For an everyday look, style this with a plain white tee, aviator sunglasses, cowboy boots and frayed denim mini. Trust me, your friends will want to try this lewk the next time they see you.

10. The New Statement Jacket

Scully Lore Exotic Fringe Jacket – $119.70

If you have any plans to score that patched Gucci-inspired denim jacket anytime soon, scratch that. The new statement jacket is all about fringe, fringe, fringe! It’s so Kate Moss meets Lana del Rey circa 2012. This will be the new everyday classic when you pair this with a worn-in tee, bandanna, cutoffs and textured thigh high boots.

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